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Hardest skill to level (most tedious) - Poll -

Atom Smash40

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In all honesty, no skill is "hard to level". Some just take more time and devotion than others. But tedious, yes there are a few of those. I can't really singel out just 1 of them. When i think about a tedious skill i think of something thats slow or click intensive. So i would have to go with RuneCrafting as you can get a Max exp of about 45k an hour(even though this is not as click intensive). Then Hunter and Mining would also be 2 very tedious skills as both of them require alot of clicking and concentration. Skills like smithing, constuction and herblore are also "hard to level" due to the high costs related to them. And ofcoure, i find FireMaking hard to level. It does, after all, require alot of clicking.



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As far as tedious goes, I don't think you can beat Prayer in f2p. That is just an insane cash requirement, an insane amount of clicking and you never get over 20K exp an hour. So that gets my vote. Thank you membership \:D/

Actually, Runecrafting has slower exp rates than Prayer, at about 7k exp/hour crafting air, earth, or fire runes. It is about 6k exp/hour for water and body, and 5k exp/hour at mind runes though. Of course, the exp rates can change if you are using gloves, crafting tiaras or something different, but Runecrafting is still slower.


Still, I don't see why people think Runecrafting is tedious.


Really? Thanks, I learned something new today :)


Still, the amount of clicking required for prayer... OMG.


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Summoning. I hate how i have to go, kill something until i get the right charm, then go buy the pouch and the shards, and then get the secondary ingredient, and if you're low leveled, you only get about 100 exp for doing that!

Posted by Wugmaster Vincent Xxalius



You have to take off everything except your gloves and boots. WTF JAGEX? :thumbdown:

Don't forget about the ring, you can keep that one to :)

And your necklace. :grin:

And quiver! This is fun :P!


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Cooking. super srs.

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Sign me up for mining, I hate that skill....

Finally on here to update that I have officially quit! It's been fun.
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i've made spreadsheets before comparing what skills actually can be trained fastest for people with 2 mil + gp/hour.


Runecrafting can only earn 45-50k xp/hour tops, and this xp rate just demolishes all the other skills.

nothing else trains as slowly.


Summoning can match runecrafting's 45-50k xp/hour at waterfiends actually

Slayer doesnt really count because you get melee xp with it too, and tasks can be 30k-80k xp/hour at higher levels and with cannons. So it's hardly that much worse.


Herblore and Prayer are the only other skills that are "slower" for people with low incomes. Then again, I would argue that it is "easy" to learn how to earn money then train herblore/prayer at a faster rate than runecrafting.


you CANNOT learn how to runecraft more than 45-50k xp/hour no matter how hard you tried. unless you have many selfless runners

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Initially I considered Runecrafting to be the hardest skill to level, BUT then considered both experience and gp rates while leveling and decided on Mining to be the hardest to level. There is no mediocre exp/h rate that provides decent gp/h as well when it comes to mining, whereas runecrafting has astrals and natures for decent gp/h with mediocre exp/h.

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I am going to have to say farming. It's slow, and has a set time for everything to grow. For every other skill, you are only limited to how fast you can move your mouse.

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i agree with mining


because if you're mining there is definitely competition


but summoning because of collecting the charms


and interpreting the cost of the shards it is one of the hardest


unless you have time to collect the charms


i also think smithing its annoying because of how much coal


is needed for a single bar


if you intend to buy them well i guess it gets easier

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If you click on them they hatch or grow up faster and look awesomer!!!

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