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Last one to post wins


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Tiredness. Cold. Frustrated.



Yep, minus the heat for me. I'ma head to bed. Night fellas.

"Let your anger be as a monkey in a piñata... hiding amongst the candy... hoping the kids don't break through with the stick." - Master Tang

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After quite a lot of discussion within staff we have decided to close this topic. The reason for doing this is that it really is pure spam with no other purpose than being spam. This thread has gone against our original intentions for Forum Games (Absolutely NO spamming). We feel that in recent months especially, you guys have abused our leniency in this area and also taken it to mean that no other forum rules apply. Despite our constant reminders, we have people saying that "The rules don't matter here," or "We're a tight knit community - we don't care about the rules," or "We accept sexual jokes and images, it's fine!" And when we move in to enforce those rules, we are met with extreme hostility and staff bashing (which is also against the rules).


There's a reason we created this forum with a strict "no spamming" rule. There's a reason a "spam forum" has always been on our suggestion black list. There's a reason we don't allow a "random images" thread in Off-Topic. There's a reason why we never wanted to implement a shoutbox. These things all boil down to spam. Tip.It is not the place for spam and it is not something we want in our community. If you want to have random conversations with friends, spam quotes, and share random GIFs, there are other places to do that (Skype chats, IRC channels, your own forum, etc.).


We have tried to exercise leniency, we have tried to let you guys have a place to "just have fun," but it has gotten way out of hand and things are only getting worse - not better. We have rules here for a reason and you all agreed to abide by them when you registered on Tip.It. Instead you guys seem to be ignoring them and claiming that the rules just don't apply here, which definitely is not the case.


We understand that people like to have an arena for various idle chatter, but this is not it. As previously stated, there are other options available for you. And let's be honest, you guys would probably be happier in your own community where you can form your own rules.


Please do not create any forum games unless there is a clear purpose to the game. No such games will be allowed. To help you understand the difference:


  • Describe the person above you with one adjective!! - This thread has a purpose. You have to describe someone with an adjective. There is no endgame, but there is a "requirement" for posting - you have to be contributing. You have to follow the game and stay on-topic.
  • Last one to post wins - This thread has no purpose. There is no possible way to end/win the game (without locking the thread) and there are no requirements or standards for posting. Since there is no direction for the game, you can just post whatever you want. There is no way to not be playing the game and there is no way to go off-topic. Thus, it becomes a spam thread.


We will not be allowing any more spam threads in Forum Games. Spamming and going off-topic or straying from the game will not be allowed. ALL of our Tip.It Forum Rules apply to Forum Games. This means no spamming, no flaming, no sexual images or comments, no sexual innuendos, no text in languages other than English, no violating RuneScape Rules, no going off-topic, no harassment/insults/personal attacks, no posting on behalf of banned users, and all the other rules we have listed.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please don't hesitate to pm me or another administrator about it.


And I guess this means I win.

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Ty Jeppoz for making it. Thx to the Pup for finding it after it got lost :D And thx to Kill_Life and Turtle for the ava.


Stoltenberg, 22/7-11: "We will retaliate with more democracy" In remembrance of Oslo/Utøya. May we never forget, nor be pulled down to the level of the beast

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