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i'm liking it so far. The only thing I don't like is the aiming system. I liked the circle as my marker and these crosshairs are bland compared to the rest of my screen.


I didn't get to play much today but we have an early release from school tommorow.

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I chose a Vanguard and I haven't doubted that choice once so far. I lost my save b/c my hard drive [bleep]ed up, so I had to create a new guy and guess what, the ONLY choice about the storyline that was the same as I made in ME1 was that Ashley lived >.>. Are the choices random or are they preset when you make a brand new character? Also, the "Archangel" part was amazing. I'm not reading a single spoiler about the storyline till I'm done :D Also, I love Jack. Definite addition to my team.

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-John Green (An Abundance of Katherines)

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Does anybody think Miranda looks like that girl from Chuck? At first I thought I recognize her from somewhere, and then it hit me. Anybody else think the same?


Guild Wars 2-In game screenshot, the MMORPG you are waiting for. Click for thread.

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The assassin is pretty bad [wagon]. I use him and Grunt.

I use Miranda and Grunt. They both give me a good amount of different abilities to use so I kill hard with biotics. I'm also addicted to Shock Waving anything that doesn't have a shield/armor/barrier.

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I use Mordin and Garrus. I may replace Garrus but it's going to be difficult, he was my favorite back in ME1.


As far as Mordin goes, he's awesome. Of course if I do pick a new person it'll be someone I do their mission for.

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Being a renegade is awesome.

It seems a little more jackassish than in ME1 doesn't it? I don't ever remember punching out reporters by pressing R2...

Ive punched out a reporter, shot a guys foot, and pushed a guy out of a window. Epic.




#1 Wongtong stalker.

Im looking for some No Limit soldiers!

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I'm dissappointed with the Vangaurd class this game. In ME1 the Vangaurd had so many more biotic powers but now all we get is Shock Wave, Charge (useless!!!), and Pull. In ME1 there was Warp, Throw, Lift, Stasis, and Barrier. Where the Hell are my biotics dammit?

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MAJOR SPOILER WARNING (right after going through omega 4 relay)


[hide]jesus christ man, they [bleep]ing killed him. THEY KILLED MORDIN DAMNIT. They also killed thane, jack, legion... god damnit.


Seriously though that was the most intense cutscene I've ever watched, my god.[/hide]

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