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70 Summoning, quiting Rs.

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Well, I've been playing RS since Nov 2003 and had been a f2p until this year.


[hide=Achievement as a pure f2p]99smithing001640.png[/hide]




I decided to take on p2p as I felt that I've played the f2p version to the maximum and that it was time to move on for a new challenge. Although my p2p experience was a rather short one, it was an enjoyable one. I've met many amazing players and done many fun stuff with my friends; I truly enjoyed it.




Before clearing out my bank, I decided to use the charms which I've collect through various activities and managed to get this level:




This level concludes my journey in rs.




Lastly, my BoB,




Blue phat was bought today. Still don't know how to spend my remaining cash :o






#3325 to 99 Smithing #4332 to 99 Herblore

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Holy cow man!! Very nice skills and bank!! Sucks your quittin though..




Spend that last bit on like another phat or a mask set?




anyway, Goodluck in life!!


- 60,023rd to 99 Firemaking on April 29th, 2012 -- 15,152nd to 99 agility on August 21st, 2011 -
- 30,569th to 99 Prayer on June 26th, 2011 -- 22,646th to 99 Hunter on Jan 9th, 2011 -
1993 Miata; sold - 2001 E46 330i; "totaled" - 2001 E46 325iT; Bags and wheels ;)

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Make sure you login in like 2 years to see if ur phats are 1B each. Lol






Good luck man! nice achievments. :)




Yea, but everything else could go up in price too, so 1b then could be like 300m now.




Nice 99 smithing in F2P though!




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