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Quitting Smoking


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I am going through a rough time with quitting smoking. Can anyone in here give some input or tips to help? Or strategies to keep my mind off of it? Discuss any stories or words you have to offer!




P.S.- Please don't go on the streaks about "how smoking is so bad for you!!!!", I know it is, and that's why I'm quitting.

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Chantex and electric cigarettes. My aunt did both of those. You're supposed to smoke while you use Chantex for some amount of time, and she weaned herself with electric smokes at the same time.

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*slaps you* STOP IT!! Does that help?




Good job on deciding to quit smoking. I can't really offer much help, as I have never smoked. But I see all sorts of gums and patches like that, do those help?




Maybe ask a family or someone to you know to help you through it somehow. Start chewing some more gum or sunflower seeds. My dad started using sunflower seeds for awhile to help him quit chewing tobacco.


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4/5 people will not understand how hard quitting smoking is, because simply they don't smoke or they haven't tried giving up as of yet.




For OP: Slowly ween yourself off them, quitting out right is close to impossible. Instead of going from say 10 a day to 0 and hoping it works, cut back to 8 a day for the first week, 6 a day for the second week, 4 a day for the third week etc till you hit 0. It's much easier to quit this way as there's a slowly diminishing amount of Nicotine in the system, while Nicotine still remains to a point where a craving wont exist.




Alternatively, you could go with Nicorette patches, personally though I've tried them and I didn't like them, they work on the same principal as I just mentioned, slowly lowering the levels of Nicotine in the system till no craving exists. Problem is, I always found myself wanting a smoke even while on these patches, as they're nothing like smoking and a craving can still exist.

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Smoke a brand you hate - you'll be off in a few weeks. Or have alcohol poisoning and then suck up a 16 mger and spew your guts up - that makes you quit too. Alternatively go to your doctor and get those pills that make you feel nauseous for 3-4 weeks. My mum quit after 20+ years of smoking on them. If you're really desperate for the name of them search the other quitting smoking threads - it'll be in there somewhere. I'm too lazy atm.



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I didn't expect to see any responses by the time i got back :thumbsup: But I've been trying to wean myself, its 2:42 Eastern and I've only had one today. So that method may come to fruition. But I've heard about the electric cigarettes, but I don't really get the gist of them and what they are. I'm working at the moment and dont have the time to look into it, im only on a few minute break.




But thanks again to you posters!




BTW- These are my first few posts in over 5 years :oops:

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Good luck to you!


Nicotine is one of the hardest drugs to quit. When I quit smoking I had to change my routine around. I was used to having one at certain times a day or during certain activities, so I found that changing those activities or picking up new habits (like walking after dinner instead of smoking or doing something else on a work break other than having a smoke with a coworker) worked well.

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Take it one day at a time. Don't think "I'm going to quit smoking for forever!" because that's pretty much a guaranteed failure right there. Just start off the day and tell yourself you won't have a smoke for the day, or the next 4 hours, or whatever. It's a lot less stressful that way.




Anyways, good luck.

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I've heard that finding a new hobby is good as a replacement type thing, so try taking up a new sport or something like that...


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I'm not a smoker so I don't appreciate how difficult it is, but I hear this works to an extent. Basically when you want to smoke, you just tell yourself you won't have a cigarette in the next five minutes. Then, after five minutes, think "well I've already managed five minutes, I can manage another five" etc


Either that or try cutting down bit by bit.


Good luck! ::'


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No one decides to quit smoking, but some people do manage to decide not to smoke that minute, and then again the next minute, and then again the next minute... so it is hard, you'll mess up from time to time, but overall just every time it comes up in your mind try to say "no" one more time. Each time you do is another small victory.

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Yep I'm going to say rewards too, I really liked fresh fruit, (cos I really love fruit but obviously pick something you really like) I used to get all the weird exotic fruit I could find that I would usually be able to afford, like watermelons, gauva, passion fruit. It reminded me that my taste buds were improving, gave me something to concentrate on. Thoe nicorette inhalators as also really good.




Really though just take it half an hour at a time in the beginning, keep at it. I'm sure youll be really proud of yourself if you successfully quit.




And congratulations.




No really, congratulations, its a difficult thing to do, and I'm sure everyone here is as impressed as I am that youve set yourself this goal. Keep at it, I'm sure you can do it.

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My mother quit cold turkey, which was hard not only on her but the entire family as well. She would get so angry so easy it would be funny to listen to her.




I went to summer camp this year, and a fello consulnor was quitting. His method was weird, but it seemed to help. He chewed rubber bands!! Swear to God he did.


I guess wherever he felt the urge to smoke one, he would chew on a rubber band insted. Was weird, but its working with him :?




Might give that a try, but only as a last resort I guess :lol:




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My father quit cold turkey, he was a smoker for ~15 years but he got rid of it in 3 days.


He was simply very hard to himself, he threw them all away and quit. I dont know what his techniques were, but I know people can quit if they are really willing to.



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Cold Turkey- This is basically throwing all of your cigars away, and not smoking one bit. Most painful, most difficult, but the most effective.




Daily Goals- This is basically saying to yourself in the morning, "I will only smoke two cigarettes today". Then, the next day, you say, "I'll only smoke one today". Keep doing this until you stop smoking. Also, Reward yourself with things you like, and maybe have something to look forward to when you stop smoking. Something like, "When I quit, I'm going to go to this movie/buy this game etc., but only when I quit".

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Congratulations goes out to you for taking control of your life by quitting smoking. First you need to throw away lighters, partially smoked packs, get rid of the ash trays. If there's any smokes hanging around the house, soak them in water or rip them up.( Like the old saying goes " Out of Sight, Out of Mind " ;)




Here are my 7 Tips to quitting smoking:


1 Commit Thyself Fully!




2 Make a Plan ~ You have to prepare yourself. Rewards, support system, write down what you will do when you get the urge to smoke. You have to be ready when the urge comes.




3. Know your Motivation~ Know why you are quitting. List them and print them out and look at the list daily. Heck post them up on the wall if it helps.




4. ( NOPE) ~ Not One Puff Ever.. Tell yourself daily that one puff leads to one pack.




5. Join a quit smoking forum ~ There are tons of them out there find one and post often. ( I know of one and I am very involved in it if you want P.M. me I will be happy to set you up. )




6. Reward yourself~ Definitely reward yourself! Make them good rewards. Go Crazy! Celebrate your sucess!




7.Delay ~ If you have the urge to smoke. WAIT! Drink ice cold water, go for a walk,take deep breaths, exercise, scream, Dance just don't smoke!! ;)




Think postive tell yourself you can do it and you will. I did so have millions of others.






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