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I need 600k fast.


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Red Chins, Nat Crafting, Green Drags...


The corp beast, is, well, just a corp beast. He doesnt even have any friends.

[spoiler=Other Quotes]tbh idk why this makes me laugh so hard

All DFS threads turn into efficiency flame wars >.>

>OP asks "why use DFS?"

>everyone says "there is no reason"

>someone says "stop bashing people who use DFS, efficiency troll ass clown"

>thread is now a flame fest


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Its actually 62 I dont know why it doesnt show up :(




Well with that said, drags could be another option as well then!



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You could nat craft to 59 runecrafting, and if I'm not mistaken, at that point double cosmics become more profitable.




Once I hit double cosmics, through abyss crafting I could make 300k profit per hour. Depending on how close you are to 59, you could have it within 3 hours. :thumbsup:




No matter which way you do it, good luck to you. ::'

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