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What do you think is the best combat type: mage, melee, etc.

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Melee is the 'best' in terms of raw power (godswords anyone?), HOWEVER range is pretty damn awesome and has a lot more variety and places you can use it in.

I'll have to go with range. It's awesomeness personified, and rune xbows + decent bolts punch through armor and turn mages into pretty little pincushions.

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I prefer Melee but I've seen range become pretty balanced since I started playing. Wish I enjoyed it more. :cry:


Assume Nothing
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Assume Nothing

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Question to the Op: Define 'best'.

Imo, both ranged and melee has a specific designed purpose, with significant advantages in various forms.


Hits high, you only need 99 ranged for high hits AND accuracy, no real expensive weapons, just a small loss in ammunition, etc. Has quite a few advantages such as - the ability to hit 60's on someone with protect from melee and full bandos waiting to claw you >.>. The ability to safespot, and fire whilst frozen, many enchanted bolts for special attacks and the ability to actually hit aviansies/armadyl boss. Also keeps combat level low even whilst being a maxed tank, a nice advantage in pvp. PvMwise, great whilst using ruby (e) on big monsters such as the avatars at soul wars, armour piercing bolts namely the diamond (e), the ability to safespot can also be vital to do many kills in a single trip, etc.


Hits even higher! Very accurate, very high damaging one off payments for weapons, never lose ammunition, ability to hit so very high with weapons such as Dragon Claws and Armadyl Godsword, great defence armour without sacraficing accuracy and infact increases max hits (bandos), the fact that weapons are either much faster than ranged weapons or so much more powerful. Great for PvM in most situations being that it's highest damage per second with no ammunition to lose, great variety of special attack weapons, some of which can down any player in 5 seconds.


Well... it's good.... but the lack of any decent armour makes being a mage inefficient and very dangerous at times. Sure, you can spellstack, combo, farcast, freeze, teleblock, heal and poison, but the cost of armour, which actually provides most of the magic attack bonus is so high that it's very expensive to die even a few times in good magic gear. Magic is best when comboing with Godswords, so it serves more like a secondary combat style, therefore I think magic is not the best combat skill.

The inability to tank with magic 'armour' really ruins the fact that mage can be a good combat style.

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Melee, most "reliable". No worrying about running out of bolts/runes. Just need a HUGE sword to slice n' dice.

well put =D>
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Magic and Summoning are my favourite combat skills, but melee is probably the most powerful.


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Since I'm an F2Per, I say Melee.

It gives the most EXP per hour, is fun to train, and has the coolest-looking weapons. (Rune Longsword <3: )




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