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Has my Graphics card died?


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Okay, my computer was turned off as normal. When I booted it up, it shows the manufacturer screen at the beginning, the windows vista loading window, and then doesn't show anything else. The screen messes up and the picture looks like a magnet has been held next to the monitor (although this hasn't been done).




I've tried another monitor and that doesn't work and the fact that it shows the manufactrer screen and loading windows makes me think it's something with the actual computer, possibly the graphics card.




If I have to i'll buy a new graphics card, but is that the problem?




Thanks in advance,



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Strange, one way to find out is to disable your graphics card. This can be done by going into your BIOS (hit f2 or f10 or something at the first screen), and seeing if there is any option to disable the PCI ports, or to disable the onboard graphics (if you have onboard graphics).


You may find it easier to just remove the card and boot up.


Or I guess you could try Safe Mode (continually hit f8).




I had a problem like this (Vista was frozen at the loading screen). It turned out that the onboard Ethernet module had blown (I'm pretty sure) overnight. Just disabled that from the BIOS, used a USB Wifi dongle temporarily till I bought an Ethernet card to use for the internet.

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Thanks for your reply. I'll be sure to try that but i'm not at home at the moment so I won't be able to try that just yet. I can see myself forking out for a new graphics card (it's been needing an upgrade for a while) so I guess this is fate telling me to get a move on. :)

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Are you able to go to safe mode? Looks more like a driver issue than an actuall graphics card issue to me.
Yup. If you can rule out driver issues first, it would be easier to decided if your GPU just went.
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Booting up in safe mode still yields the same result. I've taken a photo of my screen to show you what it looks like.




Warning, LARGE IMAGE!!




Things i've tried;




- A differnet monitor.


- Taking the graphics card out, throughly cleaning the card & Port of dust


- Booting in safe mode.

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