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Alright so here's what happened during my summer :D




Got this beauty:








Then I was poor:








Then I did quests:








Oh and got this:








Then I got unpoor:






















Rate 1-10

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10/10 for mining.

best drops (reasonably accurate/up to date): 1x Elysian Sigil (LS), 1x Arcane Sigil (cs), 4x Armadyl Hilt (solo at 100m, 100m, 50m, and 5m), 2x Saradomin Hilt (solo at 25m), 5x Draconic Visage (34m,1.2m,1.2m) and various cs/ls/ffa Nex splits.
Drygore Drops: 7 Longswords, 3 Maces, 3 Rapiers, 3 Off-hand Rapiers,  5 Off-hand Maces, 3 Off-hand Longswords

ROTS Shields: 12  Seismics: 16

Ascension Crossbows: 6  Spider Legs: 10

Countless Armadyl armour pieces, Saradomin amulets, Dragon Hatchets, and Fremenik Rings.
Range~Herblore~Construction~Constitution~Defence~Farming~Magic~Attack~Prayer~Strength~Summoning~Slayer~Mining~Dungeoneering~Firemaking~Agility~Magic Mastery~Summoning Mastery~Cooking~Smithing~Fletching~Thieving~Hunter~Woodcutting~Fishing~Runecrafting


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10/10 for 99 mining and quests.


0/over9000 for the claws.. i got 400+ solo kills no loot at all ='[




btw according to your title im a noob haha




L glad it worked 8-)




and thanks :D

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going for 99 agility?




nah i just cba to change my sig lol




10/10 for Mining alone.


The other stuff is just a nice extra.




Thanks :)




10/10 99 mining is pretty awesome




Indeed, it's my favorite skill and cape <3:




amazing hawtness/10 im jealous now




Why u jealous it only a game :cry:






Mining is epic




I might do WGS and duo demons with my friend :)




Thanks, and yeah I definitely suggest doing it if you want to get rich.


It's definitely THE fastest money maker in the game.

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<3: melee for 99 mining




10/10 for that




9/10 the other stuff. why so rich? I'm close to 99 mining but I'm dirt poor! what's your secret? :P

~ 3,072nd to 99 Mining on August 30th, 2009 ~
~ 112,084th to 99 Magic on April 16th, 2011 ~

~ 131,681st to 99 Crafting on March 29, 2019 ~

~ 178,385th to 99 Prayer on April 2, 2019 ~

~ 234,921st to 99 Defence on May 9, 2019 ~

~ 173,480th to 99 Herblore on June 21, 2019 ~

~ 155,160th to 99 Smithing on July 16, 2019 ~

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why have you not taken me to td's yet! i demand an explanation!




Mainly cuz now im putting that cash to good use... I seriously had too much :?




10/10 for everything. O_o




Also, my friend is named Naruto_X29. :thumbsup:




Who dat :P




I love how you call having 80M poor.




Lol/10, very nice summer =P




Well i consider anything under 100m poor nowadays.. prices have skyrocketed for everything :roll:




Thanks for the rates <3:

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sigh just seems funny that 2 good achievements -only threads ive looked at of late- youve rated horribly, first for his training method and now you leave no reason why you're rating low you're just looking like an [wagon] for rating an obviously good 99, with a poor rate and no reason. Also they aren't asking you to rate them so try rating what's asked, and cause you dont like someone no reason to grudgerate either

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