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200M in all Skills


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And about your comment about rank 1's deserving their rank, that is hardly the case. All rank 1's just happened to be playing RS earlier than other players and I know plenty of nolifers who deserve a better rank because they worked harder. If there were no cap, then playing earlier would only give an advantage (early lead). Playing later would also give an advantage (faster Xp). This way they're balanced out and the person that gets #1 would truly have earned it. It would be far more valuable an achievement than someone who managed to find an excuse to stop training. With no limit, if you stop, you risk losing #1 and giving somebody else the chance at having #1. The real achievement goes to the guy who manages to maintain #1 in that case.


You're impressed by Romeo having maintained #1 in both skills and "holding off the competition". I do agree that 200m in both is a good achievement and is in fact still further along than what I've achieved so far personally. But you're wrong to think that Romeo beat out the competition. He had none. His only competition was in Agility and he got #1 because that competition had gotten banned (and no, not for botting). NOBODY trained Mining or Agility long-term straight. It isn't like today. Back then people stopped at 20m or 30m Xp and just kept their rank 4 or whatever. There was a status quo until someone else trained up and some people decided to train a little to defend their rank. Lover Romeo was the first to actually train the same skill straight, first taking over Mining and getting rank 1, which also happened to have less high ranks than Agility. He held rank 3 in Agility during this time for 6 months between 20m and 30m Xp during 2006. This is to show how little competition there was. From this time onwards, he was training either Agility or Mining. He was the ONLY player in the game to focus on the same skill like this. He did long-term Mining for many months and then swapped to Agility for a few months and when he did finally take Agility #1 after Inuyasha8750 got banned, he did Agility straight for many more months to catch it up to his Mining Xp. From then on he went back and forth more frequently, doing only 1-3 months in a single skill straight.


He did what nobody back then was willing to do and that's how he got #1 in both skills. Inuyasha8750 held rank 1 in Agility for 2 years. He got 40m Xp a couple months after taking #1 and stopped there. 1 year later he was only 55m Xp and #2 (the previous #1, Dakini Sword) had only went from 26m to 35m with Romeo sitting at 30m in 3rd place. The next year Inu got banned but even then he was only 71m Xp. ROMEO HAD NO COMPETITION.


This is just Agility btw. Mining was in an even worse state, since it was considered by many to be the hardest skill in the game. Let's just say that Romeo easily had a huge lead in this.


Romeo never nolifed; he played consistently and didn't swap skills all the time like other players at the time did. He was the first of a generation to do a single skill a lot and that was how he got to 200m in both Mining and Agility first. People talk about him "beating me", but I honestly wasn't even around then to compete with him. By the time I got 99 Agility, Romeo had been in the top 3 in Agility for 2 years (#1 for a full year too already) and had 150m Xp in both Agility and Mining. There was no race, no direct competition.


He's not a noob, but neither is he awesome (or me for that matter). I respect his achievement with Mining and do recognize him as having put in the most effort out of any Miner. With Agility, both myself and Skwysh have put in more time and effort than he has and that is simply a matter of fact. Obey The Cow is about equal with him timewise. As a player, he has good achievements, but the RS ranks themselves are meaningless (since it only shows who started real skilling first). Instead, you have to look into the details of each person's training methods and how much time they put into it to get a better understanding on who has achieved more. Being lucky hardly counts. I don't hate Romeo, but I also don't recognize him as the best in Agility. For that matter, I don't even consider myself the best. The only thing I consider myself as is having spent the most time/effort and obtained the most Xp in Agility out of any other player in the game. In fact, like I said earlier, I have the most out of any skill. This much I am proud of and it IS a PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT, not some shallow thing that I use to have an excuse to get e-fame with.






#RemoveSilverhawkBootsFromRS #RSOF

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If you are able to survive without having a job, I don't see what the difference is with nolifing RuneScape for 10+ years and working with school/job for that time in terms of having a life. Atleast the former is on your own schedule and with your own will.


Btw, did you ever finish your hw from the THIRD time you took Linear Algebra?




#RemoveSilverhawkBootsFromRS #RSOF

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I have 200m agility xp. I hear a lot about these subjects.


S U O M I is the most likely, because he is fully prepared to spend the next 10 years nolifeing, and has an available living space for this time. He plays about 17 hours a day, and tries to be as perfect as possible all those hours. However, because of his refusal to merch, he has started some ridiculous "donating campaign" that means it will take him years longer than normal. (ex: he has to graahk to 200m rc, because he desperately needs money). He also is at risk of running out of cash before 200m mining, smith, magic currently.


Gertjaars no one takes seriously at maintaining rank 1. Just about everyone wants him to lose rank 1 to Zarfot. Gertjaars also has money troubles, as in the past he spent all his money just so that he could maintain rank 1. You'll see on his yt channel he's heavily leeching smokin mils by becoming their poster boy, saying to join them, as it has "pro members like gertjaars and telmomarques." He'll either run out of cash or lose out on efficiency to Zarfot when it comes to non-buyables.


Zarfot has 200m craft, herb, smith banked, and is so loaded that he will certainly become rank 1 if he keeps playing. He plays less to gain more than the top page overall, but since Zarfot spends time in something called real life, and is not a complete no lifer, there is a strong probability that he'll quit rs for real life before he ever gets 200m everything.


Lover Romeo has a 0% chance at 200m everything, sorry. Yes, he has 200m agility and 200m mining, but he is one of the most inefficient players there ever was. Atm, he's far more focused on 200m e hitting on girls than gaining xp.


Drumgun nolifes well, and has an available living space, but he only cares to train what he likes. For instance, he has 200m attack, defence, constitution, and mage, and is currently working on strength...probably getting 200m there too. However, he only has 15.7m slayer xp, which highlights his inefficiency for obvious reasons. He also does not merch, which adds to the number of hours needed, but he's still gotten a lot of money over the years (ex: all the combat drops, he once had a collection of thousands of whips). His bank probably still has or has had a large net amount, since he killed rock lobsters to 200m mage, which requires billions.


Those are some of the strongest candidates, and some of the names I've seen thrown around here. Regardless, don't expect 200m everything to happen for yeears.




#RemoveSilverhawkBootsFromRS #RSOF

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I remember first seeing this topic soon after it was made and I can't believe people actually achieve this in one skill let alone all of them. I can't imagine Jagex believed people would ever reach it either, madness! 

Currently not active on RuneScape.



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I have been Following this Thread since 2009 if i remeber correctly, been playing since late 2003, on and off.

I quit in 2008 after the Wilderness and trade removal, came back in 2010, quit again a few times.

But even when i wasnt playing i would come here check the race to 200m all, but after treasure hunter/Silverhawk and bonus xp ruined the race i lost interest.

It was fun to see Drumgun and S U O M I, all the players that rise and fall, and just a week ago i started playing again, didnt even knew there was a  new skill coming and to my surprise Drumgun is still playing, the first thing that came to my mind was this topic and all the people that kept this updated.

Im rooting for Drumgun on this race, and i would like to know if someone has any information on A13d

will he come back to update us on this race once more?


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Sup, le me will likely retain his rank 1 status because he has sh*t tons of money and is averaging 20 hours daily. Maikeru and L33 are going solid too but I highly doubt their banks are on the same order of magnitude as his (granted there's diminishing returns past a certain wealth level, but it seems to be fairly high with stuff like your best mattock being worth 10b, for example). He'll also probably execute the same psychological component of the competition that he did with invention, which was stockpile all the resources for 200m and surprise everyone by getting it in one go while the apparent players at the top start to begin to consider relaxing just a bit (F in the chat for my man Mr. 'rank 2' Scuzzy5). You can already see that's just how he plays, e.g. he just logged and jumped from 13m to 20m xp immediately.

Not gonna really put a ton of effort to update this because I'm busy myself trying to get 5.6 before this cornona stuff ends, since after that I'll have to actually go back to the office and waste xp instead of what I'm doing now which is working from home training employees on my work laptop while afking arch on my other laptop, lmao. Ok kthxbai

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We really need to not encourage this level of depravity 




Anyone who likes tacos is incapable of logic.

Anyone who likes logic is incapable of tacos.


PSA: SaqPrets is an Estonian Dude

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