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200M in all Skills

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Not to promote RWT but what's to say someone who does, wouldn't also spend it on this type of achievement.


On which kind of achievement, 200m in all skills, 200m in Con in one day, or max gold?


For the first, spending gold =/= max skills, or we'd have that already. For the second, it still takes a lot of effort beyond the mere gold involved. For the third, I wouldn't be surprised if a few people have done that already, but it would be pretty expensive...

Obtained quest cape and base 92 before obtaining any 99s! Currently finishing out my 99s with the (long-distant) goal of comp cape.


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Your kidding yourself if you don't think a fair few people have 200b already. Not everyone is silly enough to make bank videos saying "look at me I have £100k waiting for you to steal".

The smart ones have it over multiple unknown accounts afaik. If they don't, they should start...




I know 2 guys with 200b+.

One of them have his cash spread over 5 accounts.

Maxed Overall since November '09

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Not to promote RWT but what's to say someone who does, wouldn't also spend it on this type of achievement.


On which kind of achievement, 200m in all skills, 200m in Con in one day, or max gold?


For the first, spending gold =/= max skills, or we'd have that already. For the second, it still takes a lot of effort beyond the mere gold involved. For the third, I wouldn't be surprised if a few people have done that already, but it would be pretty expensive...

It was the second one, and to be honest I think the gold involved is the main effort.

Uber Pro Scaper


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Didn't see this posted by Water earlier (it might have been). But Water took to making a thread on the Runescape Forums for his skills, glad to see he made it personally:



If you hadn't posted that, I would have been oblivious. Gonna follow Water and Syzygy's threads on RSOF, since I can't look them up anymore :angry:


I'm sorry, I really don't want to "advertise" myself by posting links everywhere. Took me a few days to convince myself to even make that thread. :unsure:


Hope it didn't bother you that I did post it. I saw you posted it offhand and I knew a few people would be interested here. ^_^


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Edit: Made the post a bit more readable as when I type fast and don't proof read it becomes near unreadable and checked my old files and still have Zarfot's complete opening page for his slayer log when he was getting 99 and has his list on how he got 99 in every skill :P


Could you provide us with that' date=' I'd like to see it. :)



Here it is, he already had 30mil Runecrafting experience (or about that and that is how he funded 99 alls) aswell he already have 99 slayer and 99 in every other combat skill.


Spoilered as it is a HUGE block of text and a bit offtopic due to it being from ~09'.


[spoiler=Zarfot's Mini Guide to how he got 99 all]

1. Fletching


I decided to start off my journey to maxed total with a fairly easy skill, fletching. I got it up to 87 a long time ago by cutting willow longs (u) to 70, then cutting and stringing yew longs to 87. When I seriously decided to get 99 as part of this goal, I decided the fastest xp would be to string magic longs, omitting the cutting step. Stringing, even with String-All and counting all the extra banks, is about 25% faster than cutting. To obtain the 100k magic longs (u) I needed, I bought magic logs for 1200 each and traded them for the same number of unstrung bows to people going for 99 fletching. To get 100k bowstrings, I bought in bulk on the forums for 190 each.


There isn't much skill to fletching, and the only way to improve your speed is to bank faster. There aren't many tricks to it- just do remember to set your custom withdraw amount to 14, and have the unstrung bows and bowstrings on the right side of the bank. I was able to do a complete round of stringing in as little as 21 seconds but it is hard to do that consistently. A good magic long stringer can average 23 second inventories and get about 200k xp per hour (2190 bows strung) and I probably averaged close to that. If I did both steps and cut the bows too, I would have only averaged 180k xp per hour since cutting is about 160k xp per hour (1750 bows cut).


It took me about 45 hours to get the 9M xp I needed, and my losses totaled 4M when I sold the magic longs at 1350 each.


Doing only stringing takes more concentration and trading, but did save five hours for me. I wouldn't recommend it for everyone- just people who value time highly and can handle the extra concentration without losing time.


Yew longs do give more profit than magic longs but, similarly, it's a time valuing issue. Stringing yew longs would be 164k xp per hour and cutting them would be 131k xp per hour.

It's worth nothing that fletching mithril bolts or adamant bolts can give extremely fast xp (even 500k+ per hour). It doesn't even lose much money. However, it requires you to buy bolt tips and sell bolts, which can be quite hard. That was not really an option whatsoever for me, since I got 99 fletching before the Grand Exchange. It could be easier now with the Grand Exchange, however. If you would like to try this, go ahead. You probably would have to stock up on bolt tips for a few days/weeks before beginning fletching.




2. Herblore


Herblore is often considered to be an annoying skill. And I would agree. What potion to make? How are you supposed to buy that many herbs and seconds, and sell that many potions? Can you train it without losing a ton of money?


I got my starting level of 79 herblore doing a variety of things, but mostly from making and selling potions from herbs I farmed. However, that is an inefficient way to get 99 herblore and farming for the player with a good income.


There were several reasons why I chose Saradomin brews. First, they are the fastest reasonable xp in herblore. Second, the xp to cost of ingredients ratio is quite large, meaning that I was able to afford ALL the supplies I needed for 99 herblore without any intermediate selling of potions and buying of more supplies. Third, the xp to loss ratio is relatively good.

If you're trying to get 99 herblore, however, I'd suggest you take a look into the current market. There's a list on Spaderdabomb's Skill Guide to All Skills of the cost per xp of each potion (although it assumes you will make the unfinished potions yourself, which isn't necessarily best).


I spent several weeks, while runecrafting and later fletching, buying 60232 toadflax potions(u*f) at 2750 each and 60232 crushed nests at 1750 each. Buying unfinished potions instead of herbs saved me 18 hours because you can put herbs into vials at a rate of 3360 per hour, and they are actually not much harder to buy than herbs. Whether you choose to buy unfinished potions or not is simply a time valuing issue.


When it came to actually training herblore, it was essentially fletching, but faster. Making potions is the exact same thing as stringing bows, and the X-option works the exact same speed. After making a few super energies, super restores, and super defences to get from 79 to 81 herblore, I started making Saradomin brews. On average, I could make 2190 per hour, giving 395k xp. It took me about 29 hours to go from 79 to 99 herblore, and my losses totaled about 90M after I sold 45k Saradomin brews at 2.5k each at 15k at 4.5k each (I actually held onto those 15k for several months and sold them after the huge price rise in March 2008). I sold the the first 45k as I made them and continued selling them as I started training crafting.


I mostly trained at Castlewars, since the bank is one-click and accessible to buyers and sellers. However, Pest Control bank has no randoms and would be faster, especially if you are just using the Grand Exchange to make trades. The Grand Exchange wasn't yet out when I got 99 herblore.



3. Crafting


My third 99 gotten for this goal was crafting, another "buyable" and fast skill. I achieved my starting level of 85 long ago by making hard leather bodies and later green dragonhide bodies.


For getting 99, I had to choose between green and blue dragonhide bodies. Using blue leathers would have saved four hours and cost the same; however, blue leathers were MUCH harder to buy then green leathers (remember this was before the Grand Exchange) and blue bodies were also much harder to sell than green bodies.


If I could have saved up leathers over a long term, I would have chosen blue; however, I only had enough money to do that for one skill, and that was herblore. I got 99 crafting using green leathers instead.


I used leathers rather than hides because it saves hours and hours to not have to tan them yourself. Buying leathers was definitely worth it, for my income at least.


Crafting an inventory of 24 leathers takes 17.5 to 20 seconds. On my best recorded hour, I got 290k xp (4677 green leathers); however, usually I got 250-270k xp per hour. For the average, I'd say about 260k xp (4200 leathers).


I bought about 155k green leathers for 1750 each and later sold about 51.6k green bodies for 4450 each, so it cost me about 42M to get 99 crafting. It took me about 37 hours.


The Grand Exchange came out during this time. It allowed me to train "bank" skills at the Pest Control bank, which has no randoms, thus saving time, rather than Castlewars, which was previously my choice because of accessibility for buyers/sellers.


I'd also like to mention that another possible method (that I didn't use) is buy black dragonhides, then tan them WHILE alching (you could alch previously made black dragonhide bodies), then, once out of energy, craft bodies at the bank until your energy is restored. If you want to get magic xp, you should consider this method as well. It was too slow crafting xp for me, however.



4. Smithing


My fourth 99 gotten for this goal was smithing, yet another buyable but fast skill. However, while still being fast, it was twice as slow as any of the three skills I had previously maxed; nevertheless, I made it.


It was difficult to decide which of these was the most efficient method: superheating gold, steel plates, or mith plates. I did some preliminary calculations that suggested superheating gold was most efficient, and indeed, I superheated gold to 97 smithing. However, I later re-evaluated my decision and switched over to steel plates at 97 smithing. It was still very hard to decide though (since you have to value magic xp as well), and as of getting 99 smithing, I still wasn't very sure what was really best.


In the months that have passed since I originally posted this, I've also heard that adamant plates have become quite good. Perhaps they are the best option right now.




Superheating gold: 101.2k smithing and 95.4k magic xp/hour

Steel plates: 130k smithing xp/hour

Mithril plates: 173.3k smithing xp/hour


Prices vary for each.


Going on to what I actually did:


I did most of my superheating in Pest Control bank. Superheating takes a lot of concentration, so I had to have PM off. Superheating 1850-1870 ores is possible during good hours, while many distractions can reduce it to 1800-1840 or less than 1800. My average was about 1800 per hour.


I did my steel plate smithing at Varrock west. There are a few tricks to going fast, but nothing surprising. Varrock armor 3 helps a bit. 3200-3600 bars per hour are possible.


I used 148k gold ores, worth 575 each, 148k nats, worth 270 each, and 38k steel bars, worth 550 each. I got back 148k gold bars, worth 180 each, and 7.5k steel plates, worth 1000 each. It took me about 95 hours to get 99 smithing and I lost about 111.5M total.



5. Construction


While often considered to be THE most expensive skill, it is unnecessary to max out your house, and indeed I chose not to. I actually spent less on construction than on herblore or farming.


I got 73 construction last year by building oak larders. While that is sometimes done all the way to 99, oak dungeon doors are actually about 30k xp per hour faster. Thus, I did oak larders from 73 to 74, and then did oak doors from 74 to 99.


200k xp per hour is often cited as the xp of oak doors; however, I was actually able to average a bit over 290k xp per hour.

To get maximum xp, I used a demon butler to bring the planks. I carried cash and noted oak planks and used a door in a logical location that allowed the demon butler to appear close to me. To request the butler to bring planks, I used the noted planks on him; that is much faster than going through the full dialogue. You only need 20 planks each round, but it may be easier to request 23 if you are using the Enter key and numbers on the right of the keyboard.


What really determines your xp rate, however, is how well you can click accurately and quickly, and how laggy it is.


At maximum speed, I could remove the second door the instant the demon butler appeared. Also, depending on how far away he appears, you can have up to 2 or 3 "extra" seconds you can use on the round of doors without losing time.


Generally, during the laggy midday period I got about 270k xp per hour with variations of 25k either way depending on how well I clicked each hour. During the less laggy mornings and evenings, I got about 320k xp per hour with variations of 25k either way. As I've said, I believe my long-term average was a bit over 290k xp per hour.


To go from 73 to 99 construction, I used about 200k oak planks, which I bought at 420 each, and about 14M cash to pay for the demon butler. Thus, I spent 98M total to go from 73 to 99 construction. It took me about 41 hours.


It's worth noting that it may have been more efficient to use teaks or mahoganies. However, note that your house resets whenever you remove a range pedestal, so building range pedestals (8 teak planks each) is not an option.



6. Thieving


Be sure to check out the Mega Thieving Guide (22-23-616-55289941) if you have questions about my thieving methods.


Thieving was one of the more interesting skills that I trained, and I might even rank it as my third favorite skill (behind runecrafting and slayer, of course :P)


Contrary to popular belief, it is actually very debatable whether Pyramid Plunder is the fastest thieving xp, even at 91+ thieving. At 80+ thieving, I was able to gain 200-250k xp per hour using another method, which is significantly faster than the 150-180k xp per hour that Pyramid Plunder gives in the 81-90 range.


That other method is blackjacking Menaphite Thugs in Pollnivneach. This can be done at 65 thieving and is definitely the fastest thieving xp in the game up until 91 at least. You need nothing more than a maple blackjack and noted food (wines suggested). When you run out of food, unnote it at the general store.


By timing your clicks carefully with the messages in the chat box, you can pickpocket a Menaphite Thug twice each time you do a successful knock-out, resulting in 285 xp in about 3.636 seconds. Watch carefully for if you fail the knock-out, and if you do, immediately try again. Although quite repetitive, I could average 230k xp per hour (and 75k cash profit per hour) around level 85-90, and I'm sure you can do at least 150k xp right at 65.


At 91, however, I did switch to Pyramid Plunder since it is also around 230k xp per hour, but perhaps more interesting and engaging gameplay. World 121 can help but I found it was laggy for me, and I could get xp just as fast on other worlds. To get the most xp, I looted as many of the urns in room 7 as I had time for before looting all the urns in room 8. It is faster and easier to check for snakes in each urn before you loot it.


I looted the chests in rooms 5 to 8 and got 2 sceptres from 91 to 99.


83 to 99 thieving took me about 46 hours. I made about 3M profit.



7. Farming


I actually had started training farming during the summer, before I had even started this goal. Although I had started out doing high level herbs from 77 to 80, I quickly realized that if I was to get 99 farming in a reasonable amount of time, I would have to use trees. However, I do wish I had continued farming snapdragons in addition to trees.


Farming is definitely an underrated skill. Farming all 5 herb patches only takes about 5 minutes, and farming all 11 tree (including tree, fruit tree, and calquat) patches takes about 9 minutes. If you look at the time you actually spend farming, snapdragons give about 40k farming xp per hour and +900k cash per hour, while yews/palms/cal*uats gives about 400k farming xp per hour and -5000k cash per hour. Balancing the two methods to break even would give about 95k farming xp per hour and +0k cash per hour.


So, anyway, I mostly did yews/palms/cal*uats from 80 to about 97 farming, and then switched over to magics/palms/cal*uats. I bought all my seeds gradually over a period of several months, so prices varied! I'd estimate I used about 600 yews (75k to 90k each), 600 palms (75k to 93k each), 100 magics (170k to 200k each), and 100 cal*uats (40k to 50k each), though I did not keep track exactly.


I typically did a tree run once per day at approximately the same time, though every once in a while I missed a day or two. 99 farming cost me about 120M and took 25 hours from when I started training with trees in August, though that 25 hours was, of course, spread out over 5 months.


(Farming summary continued on next page)

The following is the fastest way to farm all the tree patches.


This assumes you have a Spirit Tree planted in the patch at Brimhaven. You can still farm quickly without one, however, since you can use a Charter Ship to get to Brimhaven.


Use Lunar Magic and have your house in Brimhaven.


Set up your bank so you can withdraw everything really fast. That means all those items named below are pretty much in one line.


During the round, drop all empty plant pots and vials, and drink doses of energy potion when needed, while running.


Do not pay the farmers to watch yews. Because only about 1/7 of the trees die, you'd have to spend over 200k in cactus spines to save just one yew seed! For magics, however, it is worth it to pay coconuts (plus you get more xp per hour because you have to do fewer runs), and for palms, it is worth it to pay papayas.


Cash is needed to pay the farmers to chop down the yews or magics (200gp each).


Items needed for one run: 1000gp, mithril axe, rake, spade, 36 astrals, 22 natures, 3 laws, 5 yew/magic saplings, 5 palm saplings, varrock tab, lumbridge tab, falador tab, teleport crystal, magic log, normal log, 75 papaya, (125 coconuts if needed), 3 energy potions; ring of dueling and mud battlestaff worn.


The mud battlestaff can be swapped with an earth battlestaff or lava battlestaff if you carry 10 water runes in your inventory.


About 50 teleport crystals (3) are needed for 99 farming doing tree runs like this.


Feel free to use a Spirit Terrorbird for its Tireless Run special and extra inventory, but it doesn't matter much.


Order: How to get there- Location of patch (Type of tree)


- Tab to Falador- Falador park (Yew)

- Tab to Lumbridge- Behind Lumbridge Castle (Yew)

- Tab to Varrock- Varrock Castle (Yew)

- Dueling ring to Castlewars and Balloon to Taverley- by the gate (Yew)

- Balloon to Gnome Stronghold- by the Agility Course (Palm)

- Run southwest- Gnome stronghold (Yew)

- Run northeast to Spirit tree- Brimhaven (Palm)

- Spirit tree- Outside Tree Gnome Village (Palm)

- Teleport crystal- Lletya (Palm)

- Catherby teleport- Catherby (Palm) [Also stop in Catherby bank quick to deposit Coconuts and withdraw a Calquat sapling, house tab, and 2 energy pots]

- Tab to house- Tai Bwo Wannai (Calquat)


Times to farm all 11 patches: About 9 minutes on average

Xp gained per run: About 86.5k on average (if doing yews)

Cost per run: About 850k (if doing yews)


Here's the fastest method to farm herbs.


Items needed:


Spade, seed dibber, rake, 24 astrals, 9 laws, 2 cosmics, 20 natures, 10 waters, Ectophial, 5 snapdragon seeds (or another kind of herb seed), 2 tireless run scrolls, spirit terrorbird pouch


Worn: Amulet of glory, Lava battlestaff, Magic secataurs, Explorers Ring


The method:


- Summon your spirit terrorbird, cast spellbook swap, and teleport to Trollheim. Climb down and go to the patch in Troll Stronghold. Teleport back to Edgeville and bank herbs if needed.

- Teleport to the Fishing Guild; run east to the patch near Ardougne. You may need to put some herbs in your Spirit Terrorbird.

- Use the Ectophial and farm the patch to the west.

- Use your glory to teleport to Edgeville, bank all your herbs, and use your Explorer's Ring to teleport to the herb patch northwest of Draynor.

- Use Catherby teleport and farm the patch there.


It should take about 5 minutes per run and you should average about 6.5 herbs per patch. Snapdragons are the best money out of any herb as they give about 900k profit per hour spent farming.


If you don't have 96 magic for Spellbook Swap, use Normal Magics. Use Camelot Teleport instead of Catherby teleport, use buckets of supercompost instead of Fertile soil, and use Skills necklaces instead of Fishing Guild teleport.


You can cast Spellbook Swap at 93 magic with a wizard mind bomb if you really want to.


8. Fishing


I started this goal with 78 fishing. Really it was pretty clear what I should do for 99 fishing, and that was Barbarian Rod Fishing. At least at 70+ fishing, Barbarian Rod fishing is, by far, the fastest way to train fishing, and it also gives extra agility, cooking xp, and strength xp. The 10M profit made by Shilo fishing is not nearly enough to justify 20 more hours of fishing, 18 more hours of agility, and 6 more hours of cooking. A miniguide to Barbarian fishing is presented below.


Although quite a slow skill, I didn't think fishing was as boring as many people make it out to be. Sure, it could be boring if you stared at the fishing spot all the time. But although Barbarian Rod fishing has a reputation for being "constant clicking," you actually only have to cut fish for 10 seconds every 90-100 seconds or so, so really it's not any more clicking than fly fishing. Training fishing gave me the opportunity to spend some time on the forums, and indeed I made many updates to my Slayer and especially Runecrafting guides, and also wrote a completely new Thieving guide and a short guide to Lunar Magic training.


All in all, fishing was a pretty relaxing skill and it went by pretty quickly. Even though I only got 47k to 59k xp per hour (depending on my fishing level, and also some small variation in the same level), it seems those 209 hours (assuming I got 54k xp per hour on average) were a lot shorter.


Obviously, since you just cut the fish up for bait and fish indefinitely, I made no profit or loss.

=== Miniguide to Barbarian Rod Fishing ===


This assumes you have already unlocked heavy Barbarian rod fishing via Barbarian training. If you haven't, talk to Otto. Look in the Knowledge Base if you need any help.


How to Barbarian rod fish:


1. Wear a Games Necklace and Ring of Dueling and be carrying 25 fish bait and a knife in the bottom of your inventory.


2. Teleport to Barbarian Outpost using the Games Necklace, run southwest to Otto's hut, and search under the bed for a Barbarian rod.


3. Fish until you are out of bait.


4. Cut all the fish quickly, using a method similar to how you used to string bows (Click knife, double click fish closest to bottom, double click knife, etc, do same for all 3 fish types).


5. Fish until you are out of inventory space.


6. Drop the fish offcuts.


7. Go back to step 3.


This is the fastest fishing xp in the game at least at 70+ fishing, probably as early as level 35. It is about 5k fishing xp per hour faster than fly fishing at high fishing levels, even at the fastest place to fly fish (which contrary to popular belief isn't even Shilo Village, lol). On top of that, you get about 1/11 as much agility xp as fishing xp, 1/11 as much strength xp as fishing xp, and 1/7 as much cooking xp as fishing xp.


Rates of fishing xp per hour at varying levels:


Level 79: 47k xp per hour

Level 80: 48k xp per hour

Level 82: 50k xp per hour

Level 84: 51k xp per hour

Level 87: 52k xp per hour

Level 88: 53k xp per hour

Level 90: 54k xp per hour

Level 93: 55k xp per hour

Level 94: 56k xp per hour

Level 96: 57k xp per hour

Level 97: 58k xp per hour

Level 99: 59k xp per hour


Yes, 60k is possible, but not really as an average.


These rates assume you can cut an inventory of fish in about 10 to 15 seconds and pay enough attention so you lose maybe 1k xp or so from the theoretical maximum rates. Feel free to browse the forums or other windows, but have sound effects on a very loud volume.


9. Cooking


Cooking is really an extremely easy skill. I got 85 a long time just with occasional lobsters, wine, and cakes, then got 85 to 96 just by cooking sharks while working on my guides. Then, while Barbarian fishing, I got 96 to 98 cooking just by cutting the fish.


So I just finished up that last level by cooking sharks. It is possible to get 290k xp per hour cooking sharks, and it is extremely easy. In general, the Rogue's Den is the best place to train cooking, since the everlasting fire is a few steps from the bank NPC.


There's really not much to say about cooking. In my opinion it barely counts as a skill, lol. Some people wait to cook sharks until 90+ or even 94, but personally I wouldn't mind cooking them much earlier. It just depends how many sharks you're willing to burn, and therefore on your value of time.


98 to 99 cooking took me about 4 hours and cost me about 720k, assuming 150 gp loss per shark.


An alternative method, which I did not use, is to make wines. Making wines gives about 460k cooking xp per hour at a loss of about 900k cash (grapes are 350-400 each, and wines are virtually impossible to sell). At a value of time of a bit under 1.5M per hour, wines become more efficient than cooking sharks. It is a very fast yet expensive option that most people aren't aware of.





10. Agility


The second "slow" skill completed as part of this goal was agility. Long ago I had gotten 78 agility by using the Wilderness and Werewolf courses and 85 by using the Ape Atoll course. I actually leveled from 85 to 89 just from abyss runecrafting and barbarian rod fishing which is kind of funny :P


It seems most people use the Ape Atoll course all the way to 99, but I strongly recommend the Dorgesh-Kaan course instead. If you would like to see the reasons why I believe so, be sure to check out the World 89 Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Guild thread, 22-23-459-55604646.


For here, I'll just mention that Dorgesh-Kaan IS faster xp than Ape Atoll at 85+, and that's the main (but not the only!) reason why I chose it. At about level 90, I averaged 56k xp per hour at Dorgesh-Kaan, at 95, 57k, and at 98, 58k. It took me about 141 hours to go from my starting level of 89 agility to 99, and I used about 1740 super energy potions, worth about 1.3M.





11. Mining


Mining has a reputation of being a slow, boring, and clicking-intensive skill and is often one of the most dreaded 99's to get. However, I found that it wasn't quite as bad as I expected, although I wouldn't call it a fun skill :P


First off, I would like to mention that the Varrock Armor allows you to randomly mine double ores, which can speed up your powermining by several thousand xp per hour. It works on iron as well as granite and sandstone. I do not think it matters which level of armor you have, but I just used level 3 since I had it.


Humidify is a useful spell that lets you fill waterskins. Many people use the enchanted Water tiara, but it is more expensive because of the water rune consumption, and also the inventory spaces it saves does not matter if you are using the method I did.

The average person who gets 99 mining powermines granite, using one of the lines of 3 granite rocks (or, if you know what I'm talking about, mining 4 granite rocks using the additional rock to the northeast of the southwest line of 3). Most people mine until their inventory is full, then drop all the granite blocks back to back. Most people get close to 40k xp per hour, but if you try and get max speed, you can get 50-55k xp per hour (assuming you have Varrock Armor 3). That's a pretty easy way to mine since most of the time all you have to think about is clicking the next rock. If you don't care much about speed, go ahead and do that to 99 mining.


But a while back, a couple friends of mine were experimenting with mining strategies and found some very good techniques. Spaderdabomb (whose Skill Guide to All Skills is awesome ) found it is possible to get 55-60k xp per hour with iron if you drop it at the right times, and also found that powermining granite at one of the two locations with 2 rocks diagonal to each other can give 60k+ if done right. However, I have to credit Mortifiier for finding an even better method, and quite an unorthodox one.


That last method is to mine both granite and sandstone at the location in the western part of the mine that has 2 granite rocks side by side and 2 sandstone rocks directly across from them.

There are several ways you can use the method, but this is the way I did it. Stand in that location and point your camera east. Mine the upper-left granite rock, then click the upper-right sandstone rock. VERY quickly WHILE you are turning, drop the granite block you just mined, then IMMEDIATELY click the same sandstone rock again. The sandstone should appear in your inventory without your character performing the mining emote. As that happens, click the lower-left granite rock, and, similarly, immediately drop the sandstone block you just mined, then click the same granite rock. This time you will perform the mining emote, but will get the granite block on your first strike (assuming that you do not fail to get the ore). Continue onto the lower-right sandstone, again, while turning, dropping the granite block you just mined. Then complete the cycle by returning to the upper-left granite, again dropping the sandstone while walking.


A word of warning: It most likely will take a LOT of practice to get good at this method!


If you one-hit each rock and perform the method perfectly, each cycle should take 9.70 seconds. There should be 1.82 seconds between the granite appearing in your inventory and the sandstone appearing in your inventory, and 3.03 seconds vice versa. This is NOT ANY SLOWER than if you mined all the rocks the same way, but didn't drop any ores.


Now, what about when the Varrock Armor gives you double ores? It turns out that it is possible to drop two blocks extremely quickly and not lose any more time than if you were dropping only one. Therefore, you can continuously mine at full speed and never stop to drop any ores.

You need to be on a world with over 900 people for the rocks to spawn fast enough. Also, you should be on a fairly nonlaggy world, but it is still possible to use the method at full speed with a bit of lag. Simply assume that you will one-hit each rock, so click the next rock BEFORE you see the block appear in your inventory.


What if you assume wrong and you don't one-hit the rock? That isn't likely to happen with sandstone, but if it does, just skip that sandstone. But if it happens with granite, you can just reclick the granite rock and not lose any time since you will be turning instead of walking. You may have to click back and forth between the granite and sandstone several times before you mine the granite block.


When I first started using this method at 87 mining I had some trouble getting used to it, so I "only" got 55k xp per hour. However, I kept getting faster and faster. A week later I was able to AVERAGE 65.2k xp per hour over a period of TEN hours (in multiple sessions of course ). I don't think I timed any hours that were less than 60k xp after that. Two weeks after that I set my record of 70.3k xp in one hour. It does seem that mining level affects your speed a bit, but how well you use the method is much more important than your mining level.


Assuming I got 63k xp per hour, it took me 143 hours to go from 87 to 99 mining. As high as that xp rate is, I think it is a conservative estimate.


All in all, it was quite interesting to see how fast mining actually is. It seems that very few people actually know how to get the fastest xp in it.

Although I did not bank 500g granite while mining, it certainly is an option. 500g granite is a very sought after summoning 2nd that can fetch very high prices. By using Pharaoh's sceptres, you can powermine granite or even the granite/sandstone, dropping everything except the 500g, then bank the 500g at Edgeville or Castlewars. Counting the time to charge the sceptres (you should have 4), you can average about 1 minute to bank about 25 500g granite.


When I was going for 99 mining, 500g granite was about 1k each. I did not bank 500g granite, which meant I was essentially turning down 1.5M for each hour I saved by not banking. I did this because although I do value my time at about 1.5M per hour, making that a borderline case, I preferred to get faster xp.


500g granite is currently about 1300 gp each. I'm not going to tell you you HAVE to bank 500g granite, but if you decide to train mining, I would really suggest you consider it.


Oh, and a random note- The Obsidian Golem and Lava Titan give some convenient mining boosts that may be worth using, although mining level doesn't matter much here.


And another note- I did have a warning above about how hard the granite/sandstone dropping is to perfect, and I would like to repeat it. Some people may never be able to get the method down- either because of too much lag (though in that case, maybe you should try another world), or trouble clicking as quickly or as accurately as required. But I can assure you that myself and many other people I know have been able to successfully use the method. It does take practice. It is a very hard method that takes concentration. You cannot expect perfect results immediately.


I actually met someone who significantly broke MY speed record and asked him to post. From Mr Pumpkin33: "Zarfot asked me to post my all time record based upon his fabulous, not much explored mining method. I would like to confirm that in exactly 60 Minutes, I totaled 72.3k xp -Mister pumpkin33."



12. Hunter


My starting level of 66 hunter was my lowest starting level besides summoning. At times it was a frustrating skill and hard to decide what to do. Eventually, however, it became very fast and was not bad at all.


I had heard from a reputable source that Red Salamanders are much faster than Red Chinchompas from around 65-70 hunter to 80. Looking back, I'm not sure how true that was, however. If you're using this summary as a guide, I'd suggest you try out both Red Chinchompas (using the method below) and Red Salamanders before level 80.


I actually had 80 hunter quite a while before I continued because I achieved very frustrating results at Red Chinchompas around level 80. In fact, I even decided to do Red Salamanders to 99 hunter.


However, once I did actually begin training hunter again, I also achieved frustrating results at Red Salamanders; they were not getting much faster than they were before 80 (I had predicted they would keep getting faster).


In light of this, I decided to try a third (and quite unorthodox) method: Grenwalls. I achieved very good results at first, even over 100k xp per hour. In, I did Grenwalls from 80 to 84.


At that point, however, I decided to go back to Red Chinchompas and try my luck. I was able to discover a better method than I was using before, which would give me about the same xp rate as Grenwalls- but at a couple hundred thousand profit per hour rather than breaking even.


Grenwalls really aren't bad, but Red Chinchompas are better to 99, so I did them.

Now, I'm sure people will want to know exactly what my methods are :)


This is not a comprehensive guide so I will assume you have some basic knowledge about those hunter creatures already.


First off, several familiars such as the Spirit Larupia (+5) and Arctic Bear (+7) offer a nice hunter boost. If you have the level to use one of those, you should use it. The Spirit Larupia also has a nice teleport to the Red Chinchompas.


Red Salamanders- Use the location south of the lava that has 4 traps close together. Go as fast as possible; do not smoke and do not bait. Bring a few super energies and bank using Ourania teleport when needed. Release salamanders when running. It is possible to average approximately 1k xp times your effective level per hour (e.g. 70 hunter and a Spirit Larupia is about 75k xp per hour). This is probably the fastest hunter xp from 65 to 80, at least by a little. Approximately, this method makes no profit or loss.


Grenwall- Buy raw pawya meat on the Grand Exchange for a bit over 1k each. Use the southern of the two northeast locations, setting up your traps in a south-facing C around the southern Grenwall spawn. Bait and smoke all traps. When the Grenwall runs away, run over to it and set up 1-2 traps around it when it hides. Approximately 20k over 1k times your effective level is possible (e.g. 85 hunter and a Spirit Larupia is about 110k xp per hour). Grenwall spikes can be sold to a shop in Yannile but only for 20 each. Approximately, this method makes no profit or loss.


Red Chinchompas- First off, hunting with other people does not speed you up. This is because there is a trick that most people don't use: if you carry a bow and cheap (iron) arrows, you can shoot any chins that wander away, allowing them to respawn right next to your traps.

There are four general places to hunt chins. There are some spawns south of the fairy ring and east of a large lake and those could be divided into the three closely spaced spawns to the north (1) and those to the south (2). There are also some spawns a ways west of those, which can also be divided into a few spawns to the north (3) and a few to the south (4), southwest of the circular lake.


Most people think that the northern spot in the eastern location (1) is the best place to hunt. That is true in a way- setting up your traps in an X (a 3 x 3 square with traps at the corners and center) in the right location, and done right, gives the fastest possible xp per hour. In fact, if you could do that all the time, 140k xp per hour is possible with an effective hunter level of 99.


However, that spot is definitely the most crowded one. In fact, it is so crowded that it is virtually impossible to hunt alone. Sometimes you will even have to hunt with 2-3 other people!


This brings me to another method to hunt chins. I noticed that on a world with 1900+ people, the chins spawn fast enough that you can get close to maximum speed with only one spawn, setting up all 5 of your traps around it! You only lose time when the chin runs away and you have to shoot it.


I liked using the furthest south spawn of the western location (4) because there was literally NO competition whatsoever. I always had my spot to myself. I arranged the traps in a C facing west around the spawn. With an effective hunter level of 95, I was getting over 115k xp per hour quite easily. With an effective hunter level of around 102 or 103, I was getting 125k xp per hour when focused and even got 136k xp once.


I would strongly recommend you try out the spot I used. I really liked it and used it almost exclusively to 99.


From 66 to 99 hunter it's a bit hard to say my average xp per hour, but I'd say maybe 105k. 99 hunter took me about 119 hours and I made about 29M profit.



13. Woodcutting


In the methods with which I trained them, woodcutting is very comparable to fishing; both are slow skills that don't take much concentration. It was a convenient skill to use for my weekly "forum check" while training skills like hunter and mining that took almost complete concentration, and I had gotten 87 woodcutting from 82 before I had even "officially" begun it.


The fastest woodcutting xp at any level above 35 is to cut and drop teaks, which is usually 10k to 15k xp per hour faster than cutting willows. Ape Atoll is a nice location to use because it has no randoms; there are 3 teak trees close together just east of the dungeon entrance. To avoid being attacked by the snakes, you need to be transformed into a monkey. Yes, you can cut trees as a monkey; you just will not hear the woodcutting sound effect. If you can't use Ape Atoll for some reason, Tai Bwo Village is perfectly fine and not significantly worse since there are many more trees available there and randoms don't make much difference anyway.


The easiest way to power-cut teaks is to let your inventory fill up and then drop the teaks column by column. It is possible to drop a full inventory of items in only 10 seconds, although 15 is a much more reasonable time and is about what I got. When starting using this method, first try for 20 seconds, then try to improve to 15.


I dropped nests and all seeds that weren't worth over 5k, although if you're more concerned with money, feel free to make more frequent bank trips and keep your nests.

Woodcutting in this way, if you are fairly good at dropping, is about 65k xp per hour at about 84 woodcutting and about 75k xp per hour at about 98 woodcutting. You can even approach 80k if you are extremely good at dropping. Note that these rates are quite approximate since I didn't do as many tests for woodcutting as I did for other skills since I was never very focused on woodcutting at all :P


Having someone burn your teaks is not recommended because it is not significantly faster than simply dropping the teaks, and also it is very hard to find someone and coordinate with them consistently.


However, it is definitely worth mentioning an alternative drop method. Have the top of your inventory open. Begin cutting and hover your cursor over a teak tree. The instant the 5th log appears in your inventory (the first column, second row), click the tree, drop the two teaks in the first column, and click the same tree again. If you've also read the mining summary, you might notice that this is extremely similar to the method I used to drop ores while mining. If done right, you will cut the next log at the same time you would have cut it had you not dropped any logs at all, because logs cannot be cut under 2.42 seconds apart. Theoretically, this means that teaks can be dropped in no time at all, and thus it is possible obtain up to 90k xp per hour cutting teaks (that's the maximum at 99 woodcutting). However, this drop method is extremely hard to do consistently, and also takes a lot of concentration. Although it theoretically could give 7k to 10k more xp per hour than the regular drop method, in practice it might give only 3k to 5k more (which was what I observed myself), or even slow you down. I only used this method a little bit and I do not think it is very practical to use all the time, especially because it turns woodcutting, usually a skill that requires little concentration, into a skill that requires a lot of concentration.

To wrap up, I also need to mention Lumberjack. In short, if you do not have it, I do not recommend getting it unless you plan to go far beyond 99 woodcutting. If you're wondering whether the xp rates I've cited so far are "with" or "without" full lumberjack, keep in mind that the difference is only 2 xp per log so the rates are not hugely different. As the rates I've cited are approximations and are not 100% accurate anyway, they can generally be used for both with and without lumberjack.


82 to 99 woodcutting took me about 151 hours, assuming I averaged 70k xp per hour. I didn't record the seeds I got but I would estimate they added up to about 2M profit.



14. Firemaking


I had originally planned to train woodcutting and firemaking together with the cut-and-burn teak combo, but I decided it would be more efficient to separate them. I got 99 firemaking by burning Eucalyptus instead. Firemaking takes a lot of concentration and I had private chat off while doing it.


In terms of efficiency at around a 1.5M per hour value of time, Eucalyptus, Yews, and Magics are all extremely similar, and which is most efficient varies depending on the market. I was able to get all my Eucalyptus at 295 each average which was pretty nice.


It is not mandatory to light your fires in a line straight west. It is possible to run 4 or more squares after every fire and still light the fires at maximum speed (about 2.42 seconds per fire; you can tell you are getting maximum speed because you won't see the fire-starting animation). To do so, simply click the ground in the place you want to light your next fire the instant the previous fire ignites, then quickly use your tinderbox on a log. This means you can light your fires wherever you want; you can do laps around Edgeville bank or the Grand Exchange, or go from the Grand Exchange to Varrock EAST bank (I made it there on one load quite easily), or even try to get as far as you can on the long path to the ZMI altar. You'll probably be more consistent if you just lit 14 fires west and 13 fires east in straight lines though :P


As I've just mentioned, location technically doesn't really matter, but I liked Oo'glog since there's plenty of room to light 4 lines of 13 or 14 fires, and few people distract you. I got the vast majority of my xp there.

In terms of speed, the regular method of lighting all 27 fires in a line west takes 75 to 80 seconds per inventory, but the method I just described takes 68 to 72 seconds per inventory if you end next to the bank; thus, the method I used is about 7 to 8 seconds per trip faster, or about 10% faster, than the method that most people use. I was easily able to burn over 1350 logs per hour, and on a 15 hour time trial I averaged 1382 logs per hour.


If you're super insane, it is actually possible to bank without even interrupting your firemaking and thus get about 65.5 second inventories, but it is extremely hard to do and I was never able to do it even close to consistently.


Oh yeah, don't use the Pyrelord- it makes each fire take 25% more time to light.


99 firemaking took me about 41 hours from 82 at 260k xp per hour. It cost about 16M.



15. Summoning


As my last 99 skill before maxing, I achieved 99 Summoning. First of all, there is a lot of misinformation floating around about Summoning, about it taking 500+ hours and 200M cash or even 500M cash to get 99. This is completely ridiculous; my best estimate at the cash I lost by training Summoning is only 80M, and that does not even include profit from Slayer. Including profit from Slayer I probably broke even, even though I was using Piety and Cannon at almost every opportunity. Summoning charms can be attained easily via slayer; there's no need to spend time *just* to get charms. If you consider you are getting slayer xp at the same time you getting charms, it is logical to say that charms take almost no time at all to get, since you have to gain slayer xp anyway if you train slayer. Getting 99 slayer from a low slayer level will give you 96 to 99 summoning depending on which pouches you make and what tasks you do. So if you're going to get so many charms just as an "extra" benefit from slayer, how can you say that summoning takes a long time to level? Can you really consider training slayer as "training summoning?" Does that make any sense? If you're training slayer, you're training slayer.


Summoning is also a very useful skill; the majority of tasks I used a familiar at. I forgot to write down my magic xp when I started using my Wolpertinger but I must have gained 300k+ magic xp by using it, which can be considered instant xp since the Wolpertinger fights while you are fighting. I used the Spirit Terrorbird, War Tortoise, Bunyip, and Unicorn Stallion, all of which helped me out a lot. And remember I didn't even have the summoning level for a Pack Yak and Iron or Steel Titan when I was slaying! Obviously Summoning is not a perfect skill, and some parts of it are a bit unbalanced, but in my opinion it is a good skill with no major flaws.

I would like to add some further clarification as to why I chose Slayer to acquire my charms. I was fully aware of the fastest options to get crimson charms, which are, from fastest to slowest:


1. Ice barraging rock lobsters


2. Ice bursting rock lobsters


3. Cannoning and meleeing Scabarites (this is hard to do though, and Waterfiends are probably still preferable)


4. Killing Waterfiends using a Saradomin sword (second best, any Godsword, third best, Zamorak spear)


However, I decided to do none of those. I decided that Slayer is a skill I enjoy doing, and I would rather acquire my charms via slayer. This option was more enjoyable for me, gave me more total xp, and gave me over 13M additional xp in Slayer, the slowest skill in RuneScape, even if it did take longer. In no way do I regret my decision and I was still able to get the charms for 99 summoning from around level 63 in a bit under 9 weeks.


When slaying I was focused on both getting charms and on getting slayer xp. In some cases I sacrificed slayer xp for charms, while in other cases I sacrificed charms for slayer xp. So mainly I was going for a balance. The Smoking Kills quest came out during this time and made slayer quite a bit easier as Duradel's list was drastically improved and the Slayer Point system came out, offering the opportunity to permanently block tasks as well as instantly skip additional tasks. When I started slaying I wasn't very picky about my tasks and even killed Iron Dragons, but by the time I finished I had permanently blocked Greater Demons, Hellhounds, Iron Dragons, Steel Dragons, and was skipping Warped Terrorbirds, Goraks, and even sometimes Kalphites and Black Dragons.

For detailed information about my slayer methods, be sure to read my Slayer guide, Mega Slayer Guide 2. But for here, let's just say that I was using Piety almost all the time and used Cannon and/or a Geyser Titan or Wolpertinger at almost every opportunity. On average I got 26k to 27k slayer xp per hour, which is a number I found by timing 30 hours online. I was quite surprised by this as I thought I'd only average about 22k slayer xp per hour, but the Smoking Kills updates, as well as using Piety, definitely helped. To help me out when banking I made lists of slayer inventories, but eventually I no longer needed to refer to them.


Another note I'd like to make about slayer is that drop rates were NOT nerfed, as much as people love to say they are. There is no way I gained fewer than 20 whips, 20 dark bows, and 60 dragon boots when getting the slayer xp I needed for 99 summoning. I did not keep a full slayer log but did start logging those three drops when I was around 21M xp on confirmed their drop rates to be about 1/450, 1/450, and 1/100, respectively, just like they've always been.


I also was quite surprised at what my ratio of summoning xp gained to slayer xp gained was. I thought I'd have to get 30M or even more xp in Slayer to get 99 summoning, but it turned out I was actually able to average very close to 1:1, and I was definitely getting 1:1 or even better by the end when my crimsons were going to be used on Pack yaks.

So as a result of my underestimations (I also underestimated my average playing time, lol) I was able to get 99 summoning much more quickly than I expected. My first month of slaying I got about 3.5M slayer xp, and my second month I got 9M, which some people have told me is the most slayer xp ever gained in one month by anyone according to some highscores tracker. I also gained 2.65M slayer xp in one week near the start of July.


I trained summoning only four times really. I had gotten 44 using Tears of Guthix, Lamps, and Books of Knowledge, then got 57 by using charms from some preliminary slayer so I could use the Spirit Larupia for hunter. When I trained Summoning again I already had 62 via Tears of Guthix, lamps, and books, and I had enough charms for 91, which I got. Shortly later I used a few gold charms to get 92 so I could use the Wolpertinger, and finally I finished up to 92 to 99 summoning.


What pouches did I make? To answer generally, this is what I did:


Golds to 74: Spirit Terrorbirds and then Barker Toads


Crimsons to 88: Granite Lobsters and then Swamp Titans


Greens and Blues to 91: Unicorn Stallions and Geyser Titans


Golds, Greens, and Blues to 95: Barker Toads, Unicorn Stallions, and Geyser Titans


Crimsons to 99: Iron Titans and then Pack Yaks

Total cost: About 80M


Shards used: Approximately 2M; cheapest way to get them is to buy pouches worth more in shards than their trade price and trade them in (I did Granite Lobsters and Geyser Titans). I also traded in almost all the pouches I made as well.


Total time to train Summoning: About 13-15 hours


Total cost of seconds: Approximately 30-35M; I suggest just buying them on the Grand Exchange, since the process getting many of them can best be considered "noob work."


The fastest way to make pouches is to use the Spirit Kyatt method. To use the method, summon a Spirit Kyatt, teleport with it, go in the trapdoor to north, make the pouches, and teleport to Castlewars to bank. Depending on how fast you are, you can do full trips in 25 to 32 seconds and craft 2800 to 3200 pouches per hour.


99 Summoning cost me about 80M and took about 14 hours looking only at making pouches. Including slayer as well, it took me about 530 hours and I broke even. I gained about 85M total xp including 13.8M slayer xp.




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Good read :). Shows how much the game has evolved too, some methods are over twice as fast now and not more expensive.

Supporter of Zaros | Quest Cape owner since 22 may 2010 | No skills below 99 | Total level 2595 | Completionist Cape owner since 17th June 2013 | Suggestions

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99 ranged (28th November 2011) | 99 attack, 99 defence, 99 strength (11th December 2011) | 99 slayer (18th December 2011) | 99 magic (22nd December 2011) | 99 construction (16th March 2012)

99 herblore (22nd March 2012) | 99 firemaking (26th March 2012) | 99 cooking (2nd July 2012) | 99 runecrafting (12th March 2012) | 99 crafting (26th August 2012) | 99 agility (19th November 2012)

99 woodcutting (22nd November 2012) | 99 fletching (31st December 2012) | 99 thieving (3rd January 2013) | 99 hunter (11th January 2013) | 99 mining (21st January 2013) | 99 fishing (21st January 2013)

99 smithing (21st January 2013) | 120 dungeoneering (17th June 2013) | 99 divination (24th November 2013)

Tormented demon drops: twenty effigies, nine pairs of claws, two dragon armour slices and one elite clue | Dagannoth king drops: two dragon hatchets, two elite clues, one archer ring and one warrior ring

Glacor drops: four pairs of ragefire boots, one pair of steadfast boots, six effigies, two hundred lots of Armadyl shards, three elite clues | Nex split: Torva boots | Kalphite King split: off-hand drygore mace

30/30 Shattered Heart statues completed | 16/16 Court Cases completed | 25/25 Choc Chimp Ices delivered | 500/500 Vyrewatch burned | 584/584 tasks completed | 4000/4000 chompies hunted

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http://puu.sh/9pbB Guess I'm doing it again today





also who is this climbing boots kid


He's that one climbing boots guy. He lurks this thread.


Make more videos about Minecon

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Zezima > Everyone else.


You remember the times when back in the days Zezima was no.1 and where ever he would walk like 100s of people would follow him spamming "OMG IT`S ZEZIMA!"?

Those were beastly :')


Nowadays I dont see anyone stop fishing when they see Drumgun or something fishing there too, they barerly even care xd (personal experienced fished with him sometimes at rockies).


Edit :


Gooooddd times :




The vid tittle is wrong btw D:

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Update of the top 15 – De-motivated Slow Week Edition


1. S U O M I : 3,63B xp (+24M). Suomi decided to put aside his usual Crafting gains this week (and consequently didn’t reach 100M for his 18th stat over 100M as I had predicted last week) and instead focused solely on powering through Crawlers (aside from his usual Farming runs of course). His seemingly low xp gains this week are merely a result of him putting all of his effort into Crawlers and because of his (now lack of) Ranged xp gains. Believe me though, he is still putting in the necessary hours. It seems as if he’s concentrating on Defence (a skill he should reach 150M in sometime next week) in order to get closer to beginning his reign as the “King of 200M’s” (breaking the current co-ownership of the title in the process). He has also broken 450M+ xp on his lead over rank 2. Suomi is on the verge of three additional 100M stats (all of which are at least at 90M xp) which would put him at a whopping 20 skills over 100M a lot sooner than we thought. This would put him at a 100M base in all skills except for Attack, Firemaking, Runecrafting, Thieving, and Hunter. Coming milestones: 100M WC, 100M Crafting, 100M Farming, and 200M Defence (15th).


2. Jake/Tezz : 3,18B xp (+9M). Jake seems to be keeping his slower pace and is now fully focusing on Woodcutting/Firemaking with a bit of Herblore and RC assists thrown into the mix. He is currently gaining WC and FM xp at an almost exact 1:5 ratio and should land somewhere around 160M+ Firemaking xp when he reaches 200M Woodcutting. I’m not quite sure if he will decide to keep this pace or not as even at 100k WC xp/hr (just for simplicity sake) his 7M gain only comes out to 70 hours which seems a bit light for him. Does anyone know the method he is currently training with? Regardless, unless something unexpected happens, Jake will most likely give the full ownership of his “King of 200M’s” title to Suomi when Suomi hits 200M Defence. Coming milestones: Nothing in sight


3. 10lb0oz21in : (Previously Jdelacroix). 3,01B xp (+9M). Jd finally broke his near perfectly consistent weeks due to a real life event (huge gratz) that you can probably figure out from his most recent name change. Despite this, he still trained the exact same skill layout (Farming + Slayer along with effigy opening) and managed to hit 190M Theiving in the process from opening effigy combos. He is now only 17M off 200M Farming and should reach that roughly two and a half months from now for his 10th 200M stat. Coming milestones: 100M Defence, 100M Strength, 200M Farming (10th), and 200M Thieving (11th)


4. Elias : 3B xp. Inactive.


5. Elvis : 2,93B xp (+18M). A pretty strong week for Elvis here who pulled some pretty decent slow-skill experience gains (such as Fishing/Woodcutting) and still managed to become the second highest gainer this week. In addition to these skills, he also did his usual blend of Smithing, Crawlering, and Farming in addition to reaching 150M HP xp this week. If he really wanted to, he could pass the inactive Elias one month from now, hitting the three billion mark in the process, given he keeps up this type of fast pace. It is also possible however that he could reach 3B even sooner if he decides to unload all of the effigies he’s been hunting this entire time, however only time will tell. Coming milestones: Tree Bill


6. Drumgun : 2,89B xp (+5M). A slow and completely AFK week for Drumgun who, according to rumor, nolifed Skyrim the entire time while fishing Rocktails and chopping Ivy. As I predicted last week, he has completely stopped Dungeoneering (still level 117) and is refraining from taking top page overall by a mere three levels. Expect him to reach 190M in Woodcutting next week. Coming milestones: 100M Dungeoneering and 200M Woodcutting (12th)


7. Telmomarques : 2,87B xp (+8679). Since Telmo gained almost 9000 xp this week this 100% undeniable evidence that he is in fact back to RS.


8. Allar : 2,68B xp. Gone but not forgotten


9. Zarfot : 2,35B xp. Gone but not forgotten


10. Kingduffy : 2,34B xp (+7M). A slightly slower week for Kingduffy who this week trained every skill except Mining, Fishing, and Dungeoneering with a specific focus on Magic, Crafting, and Thieving. He seems to have a pretty nice lineup of about five stats closely approaching 100M experience and could get them in the coming weeks if he decides to do so. Also, Duffy will finally pass up the inactive Zarfot next week for rank 9. Coming milestones: 100M Ranged, 100M Slayer, 100M Hunter, 100M Magic, and 100M Smithing.


11. AlmostLost : 2,28B xp (+8M). Richard pulled another slow week and focused mainly on Crafting, Farming, and Woodcutting. He is now back to Slayer and has just reached 60M xp in the skill. However, do not forget that he has been storing effigies for quite some time now and could easily make up for this week and last week’s slowed-down pace if whenever he chooses to do so. Coming milestones: Nothing for the moment


12. Green098 : 2,2B (+6M) Green slowed down yet again this week and continued with the Magic/Melee Slaying in addition to a slight bit of Woodcutting, Smithing, and Agility gains as well, hitting the 2.2B mark in the process. Given her current pace, expect her to reach 150M Magic in about a month. Coming milestones: Nothing in sight.


13. Kngkyle : 2,19B (+7M). Our second biggest gainer from last week slowed down quite a bit (which is understandable, as most top players are feeling pretty demotivated for the moment, except for that Athymy kid) and probably won’t pass Green as soon as he had hoped. If he decides to replicate the week he pulled two weeks ago however, he could pass her by the end of this week. His week mainly consisted of Dungeoneering and Woodcutting with a bit of Construction on the side as well. Given his current pace he will probably reach 200M Woodcutting roughly four months from now. Coming milestones: 200M WC (6th skill)


14. Paperbag : 2,16B xp. Gone but not forgotten


15. Pope712 : 2,1B (+11M). Although still one of the players who decided to slow down this week, Pope was one of the only three people to top at least 10M xp this week. Interestingly enough, Pope actually trained every single skill this week as well, except for Dungeoneering. His main focus this week was Summoning and, of course, Slayer. He has now reached 180M HP and should reach 200M in a little less than four months. Expect him to pass the inactive Paperbag for rank 14 in about a month from now as well. Coming milestones: 100M Summoning and 200M HP (4th skill)


Outside the top 15: Dapledo finally hit 100M Mining this week and is only about 80M total xp from reaching the 2B xp milestone. He is currently training Magic, most likely to 100M xp as well. Season, Piddy, and Broman should all reach the 2B xp milestone in the coming days. Broman is currently the closest and is only 9 Million xp away from it. Simon is only 90M xp away from 2B as well and is also now 8 Defence levels from finally maxing out. Athymy is now rank 20 on the front page (I had predicted rank 21, but he gained a rank from Tg due to the new hiscore system) and pulled a week like 60% faster than that of Suomi’s. Expect him to reach 200M Magic around a week from tomorrow. He is still pretty far off entering the top 15, but if he decides to keep his Chinchompas, that could change relatively quickly. Probably the most interesting battle this week was the epic Slayer duel between D-Seance and Roger Al. D-Seance dumped a ton of effigies in order to catch back up to Roger and since then both have been logging out every time one of them passes the other by like 50K xp. It will be interesting to follow their last 13 million experience in the skill and see who eventually comes out on top.


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Again a very nice update, thanks A13d :)


And also, huge congrats to Jd :P

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Epic update A13!

Thanks once again.


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The top 15 atm is rather slow moving (it's nice that S U O M I is going for 200m Rc at crawlers, but I'm sure its not the most exciting thing ever). All the big gainers besides S U O M I, Jake & AlmostLost have left. Imo the rest are just consistent players, but that's not a bad thing. Nice to see Kingduffy finally pass Zarfot soon. He's been rank 9 for a long time. Will be interesting to see how things play out as Suomi approaches 200m RC, 200m HP, and 200m Attack.


For the Slayer battle my bets on Roger Al, just because he seems to play longer and probably has more effigies atm.

Capes in order: Firemaking - Cooking - Construction - 99 Dungeoneering
- 120 Dungeoneering - Quest - Strength - Prayer - Herblore - Constitution
- Attack - Defence - Ranged - Runecrafting - Magic - Fletching - Mining

- Farming - Smithing - Slayer - Woodcutting - Summoning - Thieving - Hunter

- Fishing - Agility - Crafting - Divination - Max - Completionist

0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0100 0101

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The top 15 atm is rather slow moving (it's nice that S U O M I is going for 200m Rc at crawlers, but I'm sure its not the most exciting thing ever). All the big gainers besides S U O M I, Jake & AlmostLost have left. Imo the rest are just consistent players, but that's not a bad thing. Nice to see Kingduffy finally pass Zarfot soon. He's been rank 9 for a long time. Will be interesting to see how things play out as Suomi approaches 200m RC, 200m HP, and 200m Attack.


For the Slayer battle my bets on Roger Al, just because he seems to play longer and probably has more effigies atm.

Well most of the top 15 is done with buyables that cause huge gains. besides Jake I think.


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Nice update, yeah my money's on Roger Al.


Not because I have been following his gains, but because the apple bottom jeans thread was hilarious.


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Jake splits arctic pines @ Neitiznot. Not sure if he does cut one split one drop one or cut inv split inv dump inv.


Also want Roger Al to win. Mainly because of the "Ima kill him" comment ;p

Asmodean <3

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Roger Al because iirc dragonseance has a job irl.


And if my math is close to right, suomi will have 100m rc around the time he gets 200m defence, and definitely will have 100m wc and farm. Likely 100m craft too, which will make him look really close to 200m all.


Edit- inb4 dragon takes vacation time from work to beat roger al.


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Jake splits arctic pines @ Neitiznot. Not sure if he does cut one split one drop one or cut inv split inv dump inv.



If he lets his inventory get full then split it all, assuming he doesn't afk the splitting process, he will split 1 log each 2 ticks making it 120k Xp/hr. Not worth the effort in my opinion because woodcutting whithout splitting is 120k Xp/hr.


Goodfight Jake.

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So I assume he does cut one split one.

Asmodean <3

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Jake splits arctic pines @ Neitiznot. Not sure if he does cut one split one drop one or cut inv split inv dump inv.



If he lets his inventory get full then split it all, assuming he doesn't afk the splitting process, he will split 1 log each 2 ticks making it 120k Xp/hr. Not worth the effort in my opinion because woodcutting whithout splitting is 120k Xp/hr.


Goodfight Jake.


I'm still quite the fan of ivy. Gf ticks :P.

Goals for 2012:

  • Quest Cape
  • MAX

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These updates are in good hands! Good job A13d!



Follow the progress of top players and my weekly updates here: 200M in all Skills

Latest Milestones Chart update : page 602

Latest top 15 update : page 602

6 slowest skills chart : page 563

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Great update again, A13d. Front page has been updated also :)


My money is on Roger Al.


Thanks to Iglw for the amazing signature!

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