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200M in all Skills


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We could follow history and disallow lamps, TOG and stored xp from being used for [insert period here], because that would stick to precedent and so on. Of course, we'd all like to see this extended to SoF lamps (and pendants), because of "fairness" and other views (personal stances to many which I could speculate on but likely be wrong). However, at the same time, this is a coup for Jagex. For the first time, we see the existence of SoF in conjunction with a new skill.


So Jagex must ask themselves. Are we going to stick true to form (which they seem happy not to of late - not to be critical, but as a statement of fact), or will they go with the Jackpot money maker that will simply be a week long Squeal of Fortune promotion with triple xp lamps and extra Pendants for the new skill(s). From a purely profit perspective this would be brilliant because we KNOW that people will fork out cash (Slayer weekend anybody?) for the skills that currently exist, and such, you could be forgiven for thinking the same would apply (possibly in larger numbers) to a new skill.


Bet you thought this was the Top 15 update

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[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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2. Jake 4426m +8.8m

Shocking noone this week, Jake continues on his quest to finish off Fishing, hauling in 5.7m xp (with and associated 615k Agility). 1.7m Mining and 784k Smithing rounding off the week thanks to warbands.


Recent: 78m Mining

Upcoming: 130m Fishing


3. Drumgun 4112m +13m

Mining dominates gains once again this week for Drumgun, hauling in a solid 8.4m xp. Farming (2.3m) continues to provide a solid numbers, as does Challengeering (+1.3m).


Recent: 195m Dungeoneering

Upcoming: 150m Mining


4. Jdelacroix 4097m +29m

Defence training dominates this week, with Jdela piling on 22m xp. Should the method remain unchecked by Jagex, and he continue, we may see him pass Drumgun for Rank 3 in the next week.


Mining (2.3m) and Slayer (2.8m), along with effigies on varies skills chipping in to top off a strong week.


Recent: 140m Defence

Upcoming: Rank 3


5. Elvis 3814m +4.7m

Elvis will hit 200m farming in the next day, likely about 20 seconds before this is actually posted. A gain of 1.4m takes him within 15k of 200m #15. Warbands provided 1.3m xp this week as he appears to shift focus to Fishing (1.2m).


An early congrats on 200m Farming to Elvis.


Recent: 57m Agility

Upcoming: 200m Farming (#15)


6. Elias 3723m +50k

42k Agility xp (Challenge) and 8.6k Strength (small strength lamp from spin).


7. Dragonseance 3456m +81m

A big week from Dragonseance, who has shifted focus from Construction to Magic, barraging his way to a gain of 65m xp this week. Effigies along with JOT have offered up 5.2m Agility xp. Gains in Mining (3.2m - Effigies and Warbands), Hunter (1.2m), Runecraft (1.1m) and Fishing (1.2m) also resulting from the return of Effigyscape. Firemaking (1.7m) rounding the week.


Expect to see Magic "finished" (~198m) by next week


Recent: 160m

Upcoming: "Finishing" Magic


8. Paperbag 3402m +26m

Congratulations to Paperbag on 200m Summoning this week, contributing 15m xp. My understanding (from discussion, as well as gains) ls that he is intending to work on 200m Smithing (the beginning of said journey bringing in 6.7m XP). Warbands (1.8m Mining) and Challenges (2m Dg) finishing up the week


Recent: 200m Summoning

Upcoming: 30m Smithing, repeated references to MC Hammer


9. Almostlost 3272m +15m

Mine-Smith continues to dominate gains for AL, with respective gains of 2.2m and 3.4m. We also saw Woodcutting (2.9m) and Magic (2.2m) provide sizeable gains.


Recent: 50m Smithing

Upcoming: 35m Hunter


10. Paulrat3 3178m +2.5m

Continues at Ivy (+2.3m Woodcutting).


11. Kingduffy 3144m +7.8m

Once again providing a week with across the board gains, Kingduffy's major contributions this week came from Herblore (3.7m), Hunter (2m) and Agility (1.3). Challengeering chipping in the obligatory 1.4m xp


Recent: 120m Crafting

Upcoming: 75m Agility


12. Alkan 3040m +17k

Medium Lamp Agility.


13. Robbie 3029m +1.6m

Farming (1m) and Summoning (510k)


14. Y0 Sushi 2876m +4.6m

120 Fishing this week for Y0 Sushi, who continues to focus on Fishing (3.2m), with Dungeoneering contributing 1.2m.


Recent: 120 Fishing

Upcoming: 175m Dungeoneering


15. Makaveli 93 2862m +38m

Continuing to mimic MC Hammer, M93 racks up another solid Smithing week (+16m), with Herblore (+4.6m) chiming in. Summoning was the major gain of the week (+19m), closing in on 120 Summoning.


Recent: 95m Summoning

Upcoming: 200m Smithing

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[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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12. Alkan 3040m +17k

Medium Lamp Agility.

Is it wrong that I laughed a bit at this? :unsure:


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Dag kings drops: Lost count! :wall:

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I don't know what will happen if Suomi decides he wants to keep rank 1. Depending on how soon the skill is released, he could get 5.2b before Jake (or anyone else) is even at 4.8b. I doubt there will be enough time between the two skills for someone to bridge that 400m+ xp gap.


So here's my prediction:


If he decides to come back, Suomi will get 5.4b first, with little serious competitition.


If he doesn't, it'll probably be Jake or Drumgun.


If Jake and Drumgun end up quitting or slowing down a lot, it'll be Dragonseance.


Kingduffy, Elvis, and maybe someone else in the top 20 could pull a few surprises and get there 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.


Besides Jake, Drumgun, Dragonseance, Kingduffy, Elvis, and Suomi, the only other top pager that I can envision getting 5.4b is Carcass, but he's a long way away.


Agreed completely with this.

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Ever since EoC came out I haven't been doing combat anymore (apart from the "The World Wakes" quest) but now Jagex fixed effigies, or at least increased there drop rate, I'd like to know what monsters seems best to kill for effigies nowadays. Still the 'Cave Crawlers' or are there better options?


To keep this on-topic. Might it be actually worth it to finish off melee at effigy droppers again instead of those granting the fastest pure melee xp?

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Effigy droppers are probably pretty decent combat xp anyway, as effigy rates are based on combat level and kill rates, and so is combat xp.


Effigies are still worth 80ish minutes of skilling (idk exact amount since runespan and challenges etc.) so .1 effigy/h is worth something like 30k melee xp/h?

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haven't tried it myself but I can only assume that's what they did


I see the problem here


>Update released

>Based on prices at release time

>Not dynamic with GE changes

>Mass influx of items

>Prices go down

>No longer profitable

>I don't actually know what I'm talking about


Fixed as a result

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Every time I farm my 4 wishing well bush, I lose over 500k... Is it just me?


How is this related to this thread at all?

A money pouch would be cool. So would a remote price checker. But honestly I'm thinking an insta-Jcoins-market. LOW ON PRAYER AND DONT LIKE XP WASTE?! BUY AN ULTRA PRAYER RESTORE POTION INSTANTLY FOR JUST 75 CENTS! STAY AT BANDOS ALL DAY/AS LONG YOU HAVE MONEY!

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Undoubtably they will "fix" it again in 6-9 months time realising we're all effigyscaping to train instead of training using the "legit" (and/or SoF) methods.

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[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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Undoubtably they will "fix" it again in 6-9 months time realising we're all effigyscaping to train instead of training using the "legit" (and/or SoF) methods.


Wait! What? Did they change effigy rates again?


Who? When?


What's the poo on the best droppers and methods please?


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When did Jagex fix effigy drop rate? Any announcements on this?


They fixed it when they released the GWD update. They didn't announce it though.

Undoubtably they will "fix" it again in 6-9 months time realising we're all effigyscaping to train instead of training using the "legit" (and/or SoF) methods.


Wait! What? Did they change effigy rates again?


Who? When?


What's the poo on the best droppers and methods please?


Literally 2 posts up answered most of those questions.


[bleep] OFF HOW ARE U SO [bleep]ING LUCKY U PIECE OF [bleep]ING SHIT [bleep] [bleep] [wagon] MUNCHER



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