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Assume Nothing

The End of the World. What would you do?

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probably bring a gun and raid a super market, and take all the non perishables. If you survive the impact and the planet being superheated for a while immediately after and you got food that can last you long enough for the sun to be able to break the inevitable dust cloud then GG you are a winrawr.


But in all seriousness in the event of an inevitable apocalypse that was days/hours away I would be someone to plan for it.

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Things I would attempt to do (not in order, and assuming this disaster is unavoidable):


- Get in a fight with two or more guys and win

- Drink untli I pass out

- Try a large variety of illegal substances

- Have sex many, many times

- Set things on fire

- Steal a really nice car

- Kill myself the moment before everyone is going to die -- I don't want to see it happen, and if I have to go through some disaster, I'd rather it be by my own hand.

So, basically Earthysun is Jesus's only son.






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