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Tempests Monster Hunting Blog: COMPLETIONIST CAPE ACHIEVED

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Well, the beginning of the end of my biggest RS goal to date. Today I pulled out this much DG exp 4FIMo.png

Not too bad if I do say so myself. Anyway heres how things stand. Bonus exp came out with the new quest, meaning I am now 99 Divination. Glad to be fully done with that skill. In hindsight I enjoyed the time it took to watch a lot of TV shows, but as a skill i really didn't like it much at all, but its done now so np. So whats left for Comp? 8.2k Dunge experience to 120 DG, and a bit over 4k to 99 Cooking. Plus the new quest and its soundtracks. Completionast cape tomorrow, finally after nearly 2 years of striving for it.


99 Divination


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i thought this would be more interesting to read








Watched some Aus Football earlier, Hawthorn v Geelong, was quite a good game :)

Questions though - if the ball hits the posts, there are no points awarded, right?

Players can only call a mark if they catch a ball from a kick, can this be done anywhere on the pitch?

And when the heck is the final?


Grats on RS stuff etc


Alright so as you probs know, if you kick it between the two taller middle posts without it being touched by another player, thats 6 points. If you kick it between a bigger post and a smaller one, thats 1 point, and if the ball hits any of the posts thats 1 point.
A mark is only called when the player catches the ball from a kick, that has covered more than 15 meters. I was out last night but from what i heard from randoms at the bar it was a really great game, so you saw a good one :P

And ta for the other stuff




if it hits the small post it's out of bounds you derp


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Haven't been here in a while. I see it's still bad.

xcsx7c.png | 3gliP.jpg | 51y5tv.png  |  8mO5K.jpg

A Blog to Bathtubs for Beginners
Quest Cape | 99 Defence Achieved 11-Jul-2011 17:41 | 99 Prayer 11-Jul-2012 | 99 Constitution 02-Aug-2012

99 Attack 31/10/2012 | 99 Dungeoneering 31/10/2012 | 99 Strength 31/10/2012 | 99 Magic 2/12/2012

99 Range 16/12/2012 | 99 Herblore 25/12/2012 | 99 Summoning 4/1/2013 | 99 Firemaking 6/3/2013

99 Farming 10/4/2013 | 99 Slayer 11/7/2013 | 99 Fletching 21/8/2013  |  99 Smithing 22/8/2013 

99 Crafting 19/12/2013  |  99 Cooking 15/1/2014  |  99 Agility 25/1/2014  |  99 Thieving 01/02/2014

99 Construction 21/04/2014  |  99 Woodcutting 04/03/2014  |  99 Fishing 17/04/2014  |  99 Mining 23/07/2015

99 Divination 27/07/2015  |  99 Runecrafting 20/08/2015  |  99 Hunter 20/08/2015  | Maxed 20/08/2015

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