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HTML Help (please)

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I belive i can put this here, right? mods please move if theres a better place...






well i'm making a website for a teacher and their current site has frames and they want to keep them. My website is going to be a table with a width in % and height undefined (to it can fit many monitor resolutions) but I want the frame to be in that table. Is it possible to have a frame within a table and the table adjust its height in order to fit the content of the frame? I DON'T want a scroll bar inside of the table, I only want the main page scroll bar.




Understand what I'm saying? Any help please? (its honestly a yes/no question, but if its some weird code thats hardly ever used and u know it, supply me with that info please--but if its just basic frame coding, i'll figure it out myself)




Thanks ahead of time



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1. Don't use frames


2. Only use tables where absolutely necessary




This is a nice framework




Using solely CSS for the formatting.


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Frames are entirely outdated. I recommend you use divs instead, but don't go overboard.


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You can't use HTML frames in a table o.O a frame hosts a document, which contains the table.




Maybe an IFRAME element will work though. It won't be resizable like a frame, but it'll be something you can place inside the table.


Or even a %-sized table with %-sized table cells and the CSS style "overflow: none;"




Though I must ask, what do you want your site to look like?


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