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Rjk | 2133/2277 | 99 Crafting

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Yeah most randoms and clan members. Anyone really as long as it's not Mish.


Leik get outa here cowboy. You're just jelly of my mad DG skills. :(

1761k to 109, might get that tomorrow depending on work/night time plans.

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Bleep warbands and dg.


Warbands have been at such bad times for me the past 3 days, rip over 1m Mining exp :(


And I haven't DG'ed, when I've been on just been afk'ing Cooking. Dat rlscape.

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Another great day for Warbands...


I never lagg at Warbands, but obviously the first time I get a Wand I lagg like shit and get owned for it weeeeeee. Bleep Mish's kind.

Could care less about the wand, but the 120k Mining exp :(

Then 2nd world goes smoothly, and obviously our third world gets crashed before we get there.


On a positive note, 109 Dungeoneering tomorrow. :)


EDIT: Just realised I forgot to take off my Tzhaar Ring when I did Warbands.. Double [bleep] your type Mish.

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Pretty cool, simple blog. Grats on 15m mining, that's absolutely sick(ening) to think about it lol

Good luck with 120 dg!


Mining is so much easier than when you were last around(remember you from a few years ago!). Like most aspects of the game it's just too easy and quick. Can earn 360k Mining exp a day for 15 minutes work! Thanks though means a lot :)



I don't know who you are, but I feel like I should.


Can I touch your face


As long as I can touch yours back. :>





109 Dungeoneering. 16 mins floor loldg. Shame someone quit after the first door, so wasn't too bad as a trio(was a leech on the floor).

110 sometime during the week. :)



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Most likely going to have to take a small break from Dungeoneering. My computer is too slow and bad with RS3. So need to get some more RAM put on then I guess I'll be back at it.

Until then will just do some casual skilling and maybe a few Comp cape reqs.

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I've never sold floors. :x I'm possibly the worst keyer there is, maybe even worse than Mish.


But thanks on the grats!


20m Farming.



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Oh I thought you did with Jesse and Leik o_O


Sorry didn't mean anything bad by it...


Nah I used to leech Dungeons off them, that's probably where the confusion has come :>

No worries!


+1 Mish

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Why are you even trying

[01:24:34] CJ Hunnicutt: it takes skill to be that [bleep]ing stupid

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