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Rjk | 2133/2277 | 99 Crafting

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hai Vann, a bit of a grind but not too bad. Rc'ing is decent, that and herb runs are pretty steady.


Well after being in hospital for 10 days, I came back to see this.




Having emailed Jagex immediately, and then Jagex being Jagex replying 5 days later to help me get my account back I discovered my bank had been slightly damaged lel.


From this(+350k Pure ess and 11k Laws)



To this(had sold some stuff I had to buy ess and shizz so I can RC)



Just a little demotivating.. Considering I was going to be getting 99 Crafting, Cooking and Prayer pretty quickly and most likely Farming!

Oh well all have setbacks, just that was essentially losing 2.5b for you EoC [bleep] lel.


Got 74 Runecrafting last night, and making my bank back slowly but surely...



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76 Fishing yolo. Been rc'ing and doing herb runs a bit. Under 20k to 75 RC and a giant pouch :>>>>


Shame I'l probably not get it for a few days though, since Ghost is out tonight and gonna nerd that for a bit.



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Idk lel.


Hit 75 Runecrafting. Going to be getting 80 Fishing before Rc'ing again. Will get me a few Agility and Strength levels too, so all good.

Also got 1500 Overall with 75 RC. Currently Farming Ranarrs and will be making them into Prayer potions for a little Herb exp and a handy profit.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Gained a few levels since my last update, these include 80 Cooking, 77 Fishing as well as 70 Herblore and Firemaking as the notable levels.

Made myself another 1.2k Super Energies for Runecrafting, also have all of the essence for 82 banked, so pure profit from here on.

Making decent GP with Ranarrs still as well, bank is coming along nicely especially with Laws being at 300-330 each!



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Progress is slow working 10-14 hours per day, and when I eventually am home I have to share a computer. Going out most of the time anyways, so lel.

Got 71 Herblore and should get 76 Runecrafting later today. :)



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obligatory ur shit get a real job post.


but ye thinking of dropping out of uni and just working a job like you have and see how that goes for a while




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  • 4 weeks later...

Did a little bit of Mining today and got 61, wasn't too bad tbh.

Red chin bots are back seemingly :( Still going to try and get 99 Hunter within the next couple of weeks though!



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  • 3 weeks later...

Lllllll fker Andrew.




80 Divination which takes me to all stats 80+ again yo. Will get 81 tomorrow and hopefully 84ish over the weekend.

Around 10 days to 113 Dungeoneering as well, yoloscape. Did warbands too and get 18m Mining lel, swegggggg.



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