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Rjk | 2133/2277 | 99 Crafting

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  • 3 weeks later...

Got a couple of 92s today. Runecrafting and Prayer. Double nats are funding Prayer quite nicely. Will be getting 96 Prayer for now before stopping. For doing Slayer, a dose of ppots restores the same amount at 96 as it does 99 so the extra gp will go towards supplies. May have to do some post 99 RC to bank it all. Looking at the following..

~ 500k Cannonballs.

~ 5k Prayer potions

~ Bandos Chestplate & Tassets

~ Primordial Boots

~ Saradomin Godsword


As well as ranging gear for Jad tasks. Super sets and maybe some other shit I can't think of RN. Long journey until then but aim big!





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Soooooooo.. After 99 Runecrafting and 96 Prayer I should have around 330m Thats enough for all the gear and supplies I'll need for 99 Slayer happy days.

Shame I'm only like 2.5-3 months away from Runecrafting being done topkek.





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  • 1 month later...

Ayyy trying to escape burnout mode.


Got 150-odd Kalphites as a Slayer task. Going to try to get the KQ head for Desert diaries.


Got this on my fourth kill of the task looool.





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  • 5 weeks later...

Ayyy so been slaying a little. Got 88 as well as 90 in all combats. Doing some RC at the moment. Got a clan Magic competition coming up so going to RC the Natures I need to get 90 Smithing. Should get me 96ish Magic I'd imagine. Also look at my DELIGHTFUL Slayer tab from 86-88 Slayer ayyylmao





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