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I believe Red Salamanders are faster up until 80. I get about 57k xp there without an Arctic Bear, and about 73k xp/hr with the bear.

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I hears it recommended to not hunt Red Chins until 80 any way. Seeing as you get the extra trap and higher levels make catching easier.


But Red Salamanders are fast exp until then. Idk about Black Sallies but with those being in the wild it may not be worth it. Don't bother trying to bank the Sallies, just catch and release. You get exp/hr that way.

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I hunted green lizards, orange salamanders til grey chins, then hunted grey chins until I could hunt reds efficiently at 80. Not many want to hunt grey chins when red salamanders are maybe a slight bit faster. I just wanted the extra cash I could make while getting 80 and the stacking feature of chins was a nice plus. But if you're not concerned about making cash until you're 80 hunter, red salamanders are a great way to do it (in my opinion). Good luck hunting!! ;)

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