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The only true way to fix the broken economy


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I've always been curious on how the G.E prices actully work. Do they work on the supply and demand of players?

To say 'bring back the wilderness' is just a stupid thing to say, it just isn't going to happen. I don't find the Grand Exchange a bad thing, I remember back when you had to stand in world two for hours on end, trying to find someone to buy your items, competeing with people selling theirs at prices which were so low they were basically giving it away. I'm just lazy when it comes to that kind of thing, so I dont mind the G.E. Inflation is going to happen no matter what you do.

There is no way to 'FIX' the economy.


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The simple fix, and yes it is very simple, is not by adding more things into the game to try to stop what has been happening, but it is to take out a part of the game that fundamentally ruined it for many players: the Grand Exchange. With the Grand Exchange gone, the economy CAN NOT be a problem because prices are set based on need and not on a socialism technique. We all know that this is the only fix and the only way that anything can be fixed. Bring back the old wilderness and then all the PK'ers will be happy. There's a term you never hear anymore... PK... Those were the days. And by the way, let's be honest whoever buys money to get ahead, who cares?!? Is it any worse that they are now giving away free money? I think not.

Here, since Jagex's page on RWT didn't convince you, Blizzard's more emotionally driven essay should.

Yes, blame the scapegoat, everyone else is. Define "broken" in context of the economy and then people can pretty much agree with you or disagree.


Find something measurable or else you're arguing opinions, which by definition is not an argument.

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