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You wouldn't happen to be from Hastings would you? I recognise the places in the second and third photographs :)

Good guess! Yes I am. Do you live in the area?

Thanks for the comment guys! :P Really appreciated


I live about 18 miles north of Lewes, so quite far away, but I used to go down to Hastings like every month when I was a child, so it just seems familiar.


Oh, and the first one is great :)

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Nice work man, looks good, however i'd much rather see full photos than the tags.

I disagree with you sam, i think they're well exposed, you wouldn't get any of the details in the sky in the third one, for example, if it was exposed by another stop or so. I do however think you should have stopped it down a bit in the second one to get more of the pipe in focus.


"A disbelief in magic can force some poor souls into believing in authority and business"

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