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Would you marry someone if


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He/She was HIV positive.


Here's the scenario


You meet someone, you fall in love with him/her, you go all the way sometimes with condoms sometimes without.


You propose to your significant other and he/she accepts and on your wedding day at the altar they tell you the truth about their status


Would you still go through with the wedding.



I ask because my guidance teacher asked my class that same question and it caused a bit of a stir

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In truth I'd never trust her again so I couldn't possibly marry her.

Not only has she put your life at risk, but shes also put anyone around her at risk (one cut and anyone could have been infected).

She was extremely selfish and had no trust in you neither, so it could never work.


Having said that its next to impossible to say without your actually in that situation.


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No, most definitely not. If I did, then I could catch HIV and put myself at risk.


The only way to avoid this risk is if you do not plan to do sex at all (which is very unlikely). Otherwise, the chances of getting it if you do is extremely high.




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Nope never.

It's a massively selfish and potentially lethal lie.

I'd run straight to the doctor and do some tests.

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Well at first I would be pretty pissed at them and need some time to think about it. So I probably won't marry them there and then. But after thinking about it for a while who knows.


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Unless you ask them if they have it, technically it isn't a lie. It is withholding truth, which isn't any better, of course. But, I would most likely postpone the wedding and find out more information before deciding. Such as how long they have known and why they hid it. But, around here, if they announced that at the altar, they would likely end up in jail.

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Uh yeah, honey, I'm not pissed that you just infected me with HIV or anything. Just as long as we're together and we love each other!


Get real, anyone would be super pissed. They just killed you.


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Similar to what others have said, that would mean that they pretty much lied to me and put me at serious risk of also being infected. I'd hardly call that loving me.. so no :P

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Unfortunately no. I would have sympathy for the person especially if I loved them (and some people don't get to choose whether they are infected or not, for example previous rape victims, been stuck with a needle by a narc, etc), but the relationship could never work.


Or, if you ever decided to have kids, you would fear to death the childbirth process could transfer the disease onto an innocent baby (which happens every day in poorer countries). I couldn't bear with that.

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I think the fact that they risked me getting it without telling me and letting me decide whether or not to sleep with them, I would lose trust with them, and as such possibly wouldn't proceed with the wedding. As far as I am aware, we wouldn't be able to have children, sex would need the upmost care, and at the end of the day, this person harboured a terrible truth from me for too long, I think I'd be borderline furious.

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If we would have had sex unprotected and she wouldn't have letten me know that she had HIV/AIDS... and she would confront me with that at our wedding day.. well, no, I wouldn't marry her. I'd probably punch her in the face. Twice. Once for trying to kill me, and the second time for not being honest in a relationship.

Yes, I know AIDS isn't that deadly anymore, but it's not curable either.

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I make a point of having regular blood tests anyway, so this would never have remained hidden that long. Anyway, I thought there was a HIV/AIDS vaccine or treatment in the works already, so this might be a non-issue.


Theres no doubt that id kill her if she gives me the virus, very slowly

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Like others have said it breaks the trust in the relationship. If you knowingly have HIV/AIDs you are suppose to tell your partner. If she was to transmit the disease I'm almost certain there are legal actions that can be taken because your basically killing someone.

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Depends how much I actually cared about the person. I mean, even though what they did was terrible, if I was going to marry them I don't know if I could just turn my back on them. Depends on the situation of HIV treatment and all that, since I doubt I'll get married for atleast 10 years, treatment may be much more advanced.



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The moral of this story;


Use condoms.

Ribbed condoms. ;-)

I have no clue what I'd do in a situation like that, probably go get a blood test before anything, I doubt any person I was going to marry would wait that long before telling me something like that.

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Depending on where you living; being HIV positive and not informing people that you are prior to any kind of sexual relations happening can get you landed in jail.


With that in mind, I would have gotten a blood test done well before that. But skipping that and w/e and they did and I got it... legal action on the way. No second thoughts.

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A condom can split y'no

It's also possible to win the lottery. Doesn't mean it happens often.


And to everyone saying that they basically leave them at the altar, I don't believe that for a second. If you're marrying them, you've obviously spent (most likely) a few years with them and you're ready to spend the rest of your life together. I don't doubt that you would be mad, but I don't think you would be this cruel to someone you completely and totally love.

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