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Songs That Touch a Nerve..


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under the bridge would have to be anthony's most sentimental song, talks about his troubles with the drugs and how it ruined his life and what not, so yeh, im a major chili fan, heard the song hundreds of times, and still get a shiver when i hear it, its awesome








Same here. But if you listen to I could have lied on BSSM, its really great. Its just a really nice quiet accoustic riff, then John comes in with a couple of solos that sound completely out of place in the begging, but after you've listened to it a couple of times ts perfect. Its about him breaking up with his girlfreind or something.








Also Move On by Jet. Its just a really nice song and makes me feel calm.








Wondeful tonight by Eric Clapton - Best love song ever written.




While we're talking about him - Tears in Heaven. Poor Bloke.

Retired from Runescape and the OoC.


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Imagine - John Lennon




Children (Dream Version) - Robert Miles




Shadowland - The Lion King Musical




(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult




Born Slippy - Underworld




Kingdom Come - Coldplay




A Horse With No Name - America




More Than A Feeling - Boston

"Da mihi castitatem et continentam, sed noli modo"

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My fav. songs... LOL








I Will Bleed For You: Prussian Blue




Sacrifice: Prussian Blue




As THe Snow Falls: Skrewdriver




Hate Me!: Children of Bodom




Needled 24/7: Children of Bodom




Her Ghost in the Fog: Cradle of Filth




Tears in Heaven: Eric Clapton




Until The Day I Die: Story of The Year




Day Late Friend: Anberlin




Rose of Sharyn: Killswitch Engage




Ain't Love Grand: Atreyu




The Rememberance Ballad: Atreyu




Emily: From First To Last




The Quiet Place: In Flames




Ghost of The Sun: Katatonia




The White Man Marches on: Skrewdriver




Konstantine: Something Corporate




Love is a Fast Song: Copeland




The Ocean: Mae




Getting into You: Relient K




Scars: Papa Roach




Hopelessly In Love With You: Journey




November Rain: Guns N' Roses




Civil War: Guns N' Roses




Du Hast': Rammstein




Venus and Bacchus: Saetia




F.C.P.REMIX: The Fall of Troy




Tallulah: Sonata Artica




Suicide By My Side: Sinergy




Hurt: Johnny Cash




Cadence: Anberlin




Nemo: Nightwish




Over The Hills: Nightwish




Konstantine: Something Corporate




This Piece: The Hurt Process

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Stevie ray vaughan - tin pan alley








eric clapton - layla








eric clapton - bad love








eric clapton - tears in heaven








pantera - planet cravan (dont now why... but i like it :P)








Guns n' roses - november rain








iron maiden - run to the hills








led zepplin - stairway to heaven








all along the watchtower - jimmi hendrix's version








freebird - lynad skynar








for the love of god - steve vai








one - metallica








stevie ray vaughan - lenny








some are just awsome songs :P... more to come maybe ;)

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Sonata Arctica- The End of this chapter








Edguy- The spirit will remain








Dream Theater- Octavarium








Dream Theater- A change of seasons (this and Octavarium = best 2 dream theater songs imo)








Rhapsody- Tears of a dying angel (this is probaly one of the most... thought provoking songs i've heard. )

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In Flames - Cloud Connected or Pinball Map








Saosin - I Want To Hear Another Fast Song








Bleeding Through - Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire.








Shark Ethis - Most Precious Blood








Still Remains - The Worst Is Yet To Come








The Used - Soundeffects And Overdramatics

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pantera - this love








i just like to listen it when thinking of my newly acuired girlfriend :oops:

not everybody wants to hear the bubblegum pop garbage.

im gonna burn in hell and drink all of satans beer.

trashmetal/deathmetal/hardrock/folkmetal die hard

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