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The Beef Is Over


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how is it getting out of hand when neither of you have had any sort of confentation since Downfall vs Divine Vindictors.


If both of you crashed eachother constantly it would be understandable however neither of you do anything at all so what does it really matter and how does it affect anything at all.

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Lets hope this doesn't end like your last 'The beef is over' topic.


Isn't this the last "the beef is over" topic?...was posted in Nov. :mellow:


hence the reason why i edited my post....

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?


appmanagercrown.pngTKO Blitz Member | bluepd5.gifEx-Tempted Killers Council

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Ref this topic.


Since DV is now leaving, there will no more beef, hamburgers, dead horses or spam to get out of this topic.




Clan Staff.

You're accusing me of bigotry, how ironic. It's a nice attempt at argument, but your responses are facile and asinine, if not diatribe. Who's arrogant now?

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