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What did you do today?

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Was in my hometown for a wedding last week, and my lifting buddy was in town for it too so we lifted together for the first time in years. Was nice having my old spotter back. Maxed my bench for the first time since April 2012. Benched 205, it felt light, so I tried 215 since I knew I could bench 210 but wasn't sure about 215. Barely failed. So basically my max right now is 210 lbs @ 130 lbs bodyweight. Did 5x5 with 175 today. So close, yet so far away to getting double my bodyweight.


Kinda upsetting how much strength I lost after graduation-- was benching 200 @ 125 in april '12. Currently been lifting consistently again since november '14. Was at 5x5 with 115 back then so I guess that's about +60 lbs in ~7 months. I got back to my old level of strength in around february but my form was terrible so I lowered the weights again to readjust my form... it's pretty much a constant cycle of hitting a new record w/ terrible form, lowering the weights and working back up to the record w/ perfect form, then hitting a new record but with terrible form again and repeating over and over while strength improves very slowly.


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Nice. my bench sucks. I'm doing 100lbs 5x5 right now

"It's not a rest for me, it's a rest for the weights." - Dom Mazzetti

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The Observer

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Went for a 30 km bike ride before work. Surprisingly didn't kill me working an extra 8 hours of overtime working the graveyard shift.


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