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It Was Just An Illusion


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RIP FFS. Im really sad about this because you guys know I loved you. I kinda saw it coming tho, and I mentioned it in #tpr. I do believe tlalocian beef with TK had an impact.




GL to all of you


you got my referral vote in NI







person who won the most awards: Generaldesor


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wow... really surprised about this, gl all ill members <3 ralph.


rip, u weren't that old but without a doubt u had amazing success.


gl to all members gl to your leaders moving on :)




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I was not in Illusion the longest time, I joined and was in it for a maximum of 3 months, probably a little bit less. Nonetheless it was a great clan and I loved the community which surprised me about the clan. Before, Illusion never looked to me like a clan that had a good community, but after I joined, WOW. It's such a shame to see the clan go, I loved it.


Respected lots of you, in fact everyone, but my homeboys were deffinitely:

Dandaman619- mad respect and your like my best friend now even if im not yours, gl bro

Horaito- funniest guy and nicest guy you will ever meet, gl in DF bro ilu forever

Jackal- dont think you liked me but i had mad respect for you bro

Scott- props to all the work you did for illusion, few people so dedicated

Colin- you were a good friend bro i really liked you

David- you were also great man helped me out a lot as an initiate




i am now retiring from the clan world until/if illusion reopens, or until a clan strikes my fancy, which i doubt will happen. GL clan world, with the state you are in you won't even last to the 2010 apocalypse.

I have lived my life to the best of my ability, but I have not been able to escape fate, anger, or pain.

Bring me the answers, and the road that leads to truth, reveal to me once and for all, how all of this will end.

Shadows cannot exist without the light. But without the shadows, the light has no meaning.

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