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PKM defeat Vengeful Soldiers


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I approached VS for a fun war a few days ago, and they accepted.



Matched, CWA classic, North attacks

Corr off, Rings on

Melee binds only

1 man 120+ cap


Start (dropped from 8):








First of all, a big thanks to Svander and Tap_Dan_Pat for dropping due to the 120 cap :)


The war started with PKM attacking, and VS defending. Unfortunately, we did not have Ko power with 6people, despite our level advantage, so we just had to wear them down slowly.


Armybuilder1 managed to disconnect, so minus our sniper, we had 3people on the first three piles. Our levels allowed us to kill them quicker than they could kill us. Dbz who tanked like a beast for us didnt get killed and by the time we were 5-2 up, he came back on the pile to help in the end.


Unluckily for them, their highest level disconnected, so our HP stopped getting lowered by his sniping lol.


Thanks VS for the clean war, you did very well even though you had a large disadvantage. No flaming on either sides, so all is good :)

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Well played both teams


Damn i was annoyed when i dc'd +( But still you guys didnt need me +P


[spoiler=Clans]Current Events Leader of Tal Shiar Alliance

Current Raid Leader of Wilderness Guardians

Current Old School Power Ranger of Team Power Rangers

Current Member of Clan Europe

Ex Member of Team Dark Legacy (R.I.P)

Ex Paladin of Old Age Militos Deci

Ex Leader of New Age Militos Deci

Ex Early Veteran of Pk Masters (R.I.P)


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GF Vengeful Soldiers, wasn't much of a war because of the low opts. Hoping to rematch you some time. :thumbup:


[21:01:01] <%Thies> Y_Guy join PKM

[21:02:19] <+Y_Guy> lol ill join but don't expect me to come to a single event

Animum debes mutare, non caelum.


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6 v 6 starting 5-0 ending? RIPPED


gj guys was out of home today , wich is kinda weird


I tought I wouldnt see the day where pkm actualy had to DROP people for a war.










person who won the most awards: Generaldesor


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