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Well, last time I posted a model, folks suggested that I put more work into weathering effects. So this time, I decided to work for a while on basing, posing and painting a Sentinel walker. Armed with a plasma cannon, the Sentinel is a light walker intended for scouting operations and providing fire support for infantry in dense terrain. This Armoured Sentinel is a heavier variant of the standard Scout Sentinel, and forgoes some mobility for added protection and firepower.


Base/legs, torso and plasma cannon assembled, unpainted.

Legs primed, base undercoated. Right hand side view of torso and plasma cannon (assembled after painting individually).

Left hand side view of same, to show more of the undercoat work.

Legs and base painted.

Close-up of base and legs after adding grass for more colour contrast, to show extent of weathering effects. Also gives a sense of scale of how big the model actually is.


Finished Sentinel, after cleaning up the paint job and finishing off the base:



I am going to work on the Valkyrie a bit more later. Meanwhile, comments on this one and suggestions for next time, please!

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I like it. :thumbsup: Those new plastic Sentinels are wonderfully poseable, aren't they?


The red and black is a good color scheme, but the reds seem a bit flat. Maybe it's just the picture, but I'd recommend adding a bit of blazing orange to the red for an extreme highlight on the upper most edges. Also, the large metal areas are rather flat (again, it could just be the picture). Citadel's washes are really good for adding depth. I really like Bedab black and devlin mud for metals.


Good luck with the Valkyrie. I'm currently converting one into a Vendetta gunship using lascannons from I.G. heavy weapon squads.



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So, Kaida is the real version of every fictional science-badass? That explains a lot, actually...

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The reds are edge-highlighted with Blood Red. I've tried Blazing Orange before, but it's too bright for this particular colour scheme. I'm not sure what you mean by the large metal areas.


I washed the red areas and the glass bits with Badab Black, because I've recently made the discovery that it acts as a poor man's gloss varnish. Devlan Mud was used on the metallics, base and lower legs to simulate oil and dirt stains, and I used very watered-down Tin Bitz for rusting and oil streaks. I am of the opinion that Devlan Mud is Jesus in wash form.


I'm also considering converting a Vendetta from heavy weapons squads. Would you mind showing how you put the lascannons together? I'm still trying to decide whether I want to convert it myself or just get the kit from Forgeworld.

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