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Corrupt a Wish (IT's over Nine Thousand)


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Granted, all of your neighbours get affected by DOOOOOOOOOM. You, however, are immune to it, so you live happily ever after. Until a few years after the accident of DOOOOOOOOOM. You go mental from being alone and having no one to talk to. You cut yourself, and jump out of a tree, head down. Unfortunately, you only break both arms and one leg. You can't move to get food or water, so after 4 days you die of dehydration. You were affected by DOOOOOOOOOM after all, you just lived a few years longer than your neighbours.




I wish for buckets full of french fries.

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Granted you get your [simplify]Doom[/simplify] with a carton of cheesecake, and the peasants of the woodland hills taste sweetly of moist potatos, because the broccoli doesn't like hot pockets. Every choice cut of parsley is a handcrafted table of moldy socks and bean juice, whereas the butterlifts the chair on end and soaks it in boiling linoleum. A PC and an artichoke live happily together until the spoon arrives and cuts the Mac with tupperware.




That is the doom, and your head explodes.






I wish for an apple.


Command the Murderous Chalices! Drink ye harpooners! drink and swear, ye men that man the deathful whaleboat's bow- Death to Moby Dick!



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granted the salad has salmonella and you have to be quarantined for the rest of your life




i wish for blue pants, a white shirt, completely bald except for two hairs on the top of my head, and say d'oh whenever i mess up


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You wash your blue pants and white shirt together and you use hair growth spray! The colour of your clothes runs and when you dry them the spray goes all over your head and breaks your larynx.




I wish for no n00bs

The time of darkness is here. Now the true vampire arises




Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?

Final Fantasy 7

Click here for freedom from Macroers!!

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Wish granted. Every human on the planet Erath disapears.


Think about. With out humans there is peace. :|


I wish for a Hotsdog.

"Let your anger be as a monkey in a piñata... hiding amongst the candy... hoping the kids don't break through with the stick." - Master Tang

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DONE: you are given a dacshund (those long dogs :\) which is covred in petrol and then set on fire...






Real life wasnt so boring


curently saving for sara sword and trying for 70 slayer >:)

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it is, but the people made angry by this turn on you and rip you to shreds




I wish I had done my History and French coursework when I had the chance, I don't even mind if it's not very good


99.99999998465% of the world's population is not me, if you are the 0.00000001535% that is me, put this in you signature


-"being famous is like being a woman, if you have to tell people you are, you aren't"

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granted, but through some strange mystery of procrastination, it becomes undone...




i wish I didn't have to wait between posts on this forum...




Granted, but now you must always be posting, and if you aren't posting, your computer asplodes.




I wish for some rockin' music.

There's no such thing as regret. A regret means you are unhappy with the person you are now,

and if you're unhappy with the person you are, you change yourself. That

regret will no longer be a regret, because it will help to form the new,

better you. So really, a regret isn't a regret.

It's experience.

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But you've been shunned by Jesus so no.




I could go for another Mountain Dew.. so I wish for another Mountain Dew.

It just goes to show that, though there's an age requirement, there's no IQ requirement to play RS.


Wait, my friend said he got a keylogger and lyke he coudln't type, so I assumed it messed up his hands?
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Granted, You become champion of the world of Planet R-75.


The native aren't friendly though, and you die though some alien means that no one knows about.




I wish for a pizza with extra cheese, extra bacon, extra pepperoni, extra onion, with a a side of extra DOOM.

Need a new signature....perhaps...

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