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Update of the Year?


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Now it's time to reflect on a year of updates, which have seen many updates we could probably not see ourselves living without so here are a few of my picks, feel free to add list and say why but which one tops your list of update of the year?


First of all it's the high level content aspect that some definate voids have been filled and really breathed life into forgotten skills;


High level Herblore update -

A nice balance to a buyable skill, that saw brilliant potions brought in but left untradeable for true masters of the skill to use potions which has created a large interest in people wanting to train the skill prices are high still but it gives farming herbs an advantage and self sufficiency is now a fair requirement to the skill.


High level Agility update -

Another balanced high level update, unbuyable reward in form of the agility top and bottom, which requires players to complete 250 laps of the extended course which offer nice experience and higher level motion of the skills, the animations on the courses are superb and the run update with musicians finally has given a greater purpose to higher level agility.


Woodcutting Rebalance -

The sawmill is fun to do in small pieces but Ivy offers a fun alternative to dropping logs needlessly and running to the bank.


High level Mining & Fishing update -

This argueably peoples pick of the bunch, many didn't like training Mining and Jagex responded with this update, new fish that heal well and also offer advantages over other fish, but a mining spot that sees the unofficial world with swarms of players and xp rates that areh hard to compete with.


High level Prayer update -

Zaros finally makes contact and rewards players with the Curse prayer book which has made higher level prayer worthwhile and also a prayer book is a vast step up from the dated regular prayers.


Quest of the year


Temple of Light -

The Elves have refreshed our memorys now with a trip down to the Temple of Light which offers a stepping stone between MEP3 and the opening of Prifddinas with the sequel to this quest, I hope to be there at the ribbon cutting!


The Temple of Senntisten -

Yes Jagex really do like their temples don't they? players once again help Azzanadra once again after helping him in Desert Treasure, this quest had everything humour, an Ice Demon, a new area with an Iron & Steel dragon spot (soon to be disregarded with Kuradals Dungeon) and we made contact with Zaros, the reward matched Curse Prayers! :)


Blood Runs Deep -

Players got insight into how Dagannoth colonys work, some really lovely cutscenes with ships sailing to fight the Dagannoth hoards off after Rellekka being attacked, some drama, a Balmung and a nice xp reward later and it was a quest I fondly remember ;)


Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf -

Release of the Dragon pickaxe and Hand cannon how can we forget that? the quest was short but enjoyable but wasn't as good as the ones above in my eyes :P


The Chosen Commander -

Another insight into the goblins of Dorgeshuun which was an enjoyable quest with a few fights and an upgraded Bone crossbow, the next installment sounds like it'll be fun with more insight into Yu'biusk!


Achievement Diarys


The Seers, Fremmenik, Ardougne Diarys gave new tasks, Ardougne offered elite tasks, elite tasks will now be added to the older achievement diarys which sounds like alot of fun ;)


Honourable Mentions


Evil Trees -

A fun D&D with nice rewards, I used this frequently woodcutting and it's a nice training method


Mobilising Armies -

A learning curve for Jagex and a new minigame that's different from any other but it didn't live up to expectations in my opinion.


Animation Pack 1 -

New animations and graphics to older weapons it really did make some older items really look less mechanical and future packs are on the way :)


Runetek 5 -

More asthetics to the game lovely update and particle effects followed today, can't wait for RT6 now :P


RuneScape Classic Reopened -

Nostalgia, Nostalgia, Nostalgia this gave players a first glimpse of how the father of RuneScape 2 looked and it was vintage to go back and walk around but also it gives players to reflect upon how much has changed in the short few years :)


RuneScape Machinima Competition -

This gave players the chance to show off their video making talent and also brought the community closer, Congratulations to Excl for winning ;)


Cryptic Community event -

Racking our brains for the 4 days trying to figure out where to go was a nice change to holiday events although it definately was more stressful but fun none the less :)


Summoning Familiar upgrade -

Yes that's right the familiars don't stand there and look pretty they actually attack now, which was a much needed change to Summoning familiars.


Kuradals Dungeon -

An exclusive dungeon to her tasks larger tasks, a new ring and more, it's everything a good slayer needs, the future is bright for Kuradal wanting vengeance on lucien and the fact a 90+ monster could be exclusive to her dungeon!


The Note System, Objectives + No Backstepping -

These 3 are an update that help with everyday scaping no matter what you're doing you dont run back and forth trying to go to a location, jotting down notes and setting goals makes life a little easier :)


Overall what was your favourite? such a "small update" year has ended up with some big headline updates I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for 2010 to start :)

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The Chosen Comander, best quest in ages (even better than WGS if you ask me), ME 2.5 wasnt as complex as i expected ( not sure if it is a pro or a con), Blood runs deep was ok, btu they murdered my wife, and Senttisten was ok, but it lead people to *think* zaros is more powerfull than guthix, a gigantic lie.


As fro updates, high level herblore for me, it really captivated me to train the skill, something i'll do after 80 summoning

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Brilliant year of updates, and a great year for bugfixes. :)


I can't say I am happy with the name changing update, but I guess some are happy being able to change their names. I cant work out who is who anymore when people change their names.


Favorite Update would have to be the High Level Agility Update, and favorite quest the Temple of Light.


Edit: Due to training Agility, I have not tried the new Kuradel update, but from what I have heard its awesome too!!


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Too many to really give a definitive answer, but if I had to pick it would be either the summoning update or the new prayers (I really, really need to unlock them).


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I'd have to say for me it was the new prayers. Quests this year have fallen far short of the standard that had been set in the past, but next year I'm really hoping for something more.


And while Runetek5 wasn't the update of the year, and took a whole lot of time for it to operate properly for most people, i think that the update of the year for 2010 will only be made possible because of runetek5.

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You left out pvp updates, imo they were the most important update. Kuradel is a fun update to slayer so I'll put my vote in for that :lol:

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Yes, I was surprised not to see the PvP updates on that list. :)


For me: Kuradal, Herblore & Living Rocks.


Bugfixes were awesome, and maybe even better than those.. :thumbsup:

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Yes, I was surprised not to see the PvP updates on that list. :)


For me: Kuradal, Herblore & Living Rocks.


Bugfixes were awesome, and maybe even better than those.. :thumbsup:


I was tempted to add it to the list :P

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I think for me personally the fact more and more macroers get caught, the PvP trick got nerved and I also read Jagex is gonna handle the merch clans...

Best thing will be if the economy recovers :)

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The most important update of the year was the institution of personalized shops.

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I'm torn between the Mining and rest/run changes. The Living Rock Caverns and Dragon Pickaxe brought renewed interest and much needed changes to one of RuneScape's oldest skills; while the rest/run update made getting around easier for all players, free and members alike, and made the training of some skills (F2P Mining in particular) much more bearable.



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The best year for updates in my eyes :)

I've enjoyed almost every update this year!


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Don't really know. Curses and Kuradel's dungeon are nice, even though I already have 99 slayer. Living rock cavern is ok, but it ruined the "real" mining. Got my 99 mining a lot before living rock cavern. Wc update is ok too. Ivies are very easy but you don't get firemaking xp w/ adze while cutting them, so ivies aren't overpowered imo. These upgrades were a good thing for most of the people, maybe not for me because I had already maxed those skills which got upgrades (excluding herblore, and the herblore update only made training herblore more expensive..).


Oh, forgot the rc update. It was nice because I was <91 rc when it came out. Prices haven't changed much since the update, and now the rc system makes more sense because it's not just 1 nat when 44-90 rc and 2 when 91-99.


Best quest was the Temple off Senntisten. Also all the diaries were nice and hopefuly we will get more soon.

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Liked the herblore update best, although it was like a double edged sword. Fair enough, high leveled potions to make but now it's dearer to train.

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