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[confirmation needed] Gnome Delivery Addition

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i noticed that in the gnome delivery minigame page it didn't state that you can only receive mint cakes from Brambickle, Penwie and Wingstone. Also, you can only receive gnome goggles and gnome scarfs from Captain Daerkin and Captain Ninto. The fact that you can receive a snake charm from Wingstone could also be added.


Thanks :D



[pokemama edit: wow, this is the first time I've heard that! There were rumours when the game was released, but no reliable data since the scarf drop is so rare. I'd love to get some confirmations on this from other people who have played it a lot.]


[serpentEye edit: Due to a recent update, more gnomes reward you with mint cakes now, and in larger quantities (8-10 generally). I'm not sure if more gnomes can reward you with goggles or scarves, however, or if it's limited to just Daerkin and Ninto.]

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recent in-game update

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