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POLL: How many days have you spent online RuneScape?


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Time Played:

58 days 10 hours


27717 xp / hour. I shouldn't have trained agility, then I'd have a much higher xp ratio.

R.I.P. oO000oO0oO00, RS2 range pure transformed to a maxed PvM char in EoC, ten years of time completely wasted.
Good to be gone :)

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145 days 19 hours as of right now



Dragon Drops: 80+ boots, 7 med, 3 skirt, 2 left half, 2 Spear, 2 2h

Slayer: 30+ whips, 4 Bows, 1 Mask, 3 Granite Legs, 1 Visage (Wyverns)

Notable GWD Splits: Bandos Tassets: 12, Bandos Chest: 11, Bandos Hilt: 2

Proud Slayer of 99 Att/Str/Def/HP/Range/Summoning

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Damn, I havn't played in about a year and havn't been a member, but I'm considering paying for a month just to see how many days I have since I've been playing since 2001/2002. Ugh, why couldn't this be a free feature.

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How far back does this extend to? It says 121 days and 5 hours for me. I created my account back in 2001/2002 and have been playing on and off since then, but I was fairly sure it would be higher than 121 days.


Does anyone know if the log is accurate extending back to RSC?


2909 hours total play time, 41mill xp therefore: 14k xp/hour - Lol, sounds about right.

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Ive had this account, the only Runescape account I use, for the last 6years and it has exactly 99days on it. I bet at least one of those days of playtime is my OCD habit of talking with my friends, but I'll keep my RS window open and shake the mouse once it a while not to log off. I have no clue why.


He who wears his morality but as his best garment were better naked... Your daily life is your temple and your religion
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