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Haiti Earthquake

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Oh yes, I do know sending money is easier for individuals. I just don't trust most of the organizations gathering it. The news has stated millions have been gathered; however, the news does not "follow the money" to see how much actually gets to the Haitians. I am thinking the amount of money gathered could have already purchased a nice sized island and the Haitians be air lifted to it. Then part of the money gathered could be constructing whatever is needed for survival.


I did not know that about the African President. Only the desparate would take him up on his offer; but then the Haitians are just that desparate. Sad!


If what you say about 96% of the population being christian of some sort then the half practicing voodoo surprises me.


Voodoo is an amalgamation of christian and traditional African religions, so many people are christian but then add some voodoo stuff also.



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