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My First Few Photos

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i got a Toshiba Camileo H20 for Christmas. It is a video camera, but the stills are fairly good too, so i have been messing around for a few days and got some photos.


These two i took from my bedroom, just before sunset:




This i took on the first day of snow we had this year:



These are of my dog :D :




This is of a flower which was the only one left standing after winter:



I would love to hear what you guys think!

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I like the last picture of the flower, I thought it was pretty cool actually,and by far the best one imo. If you really want to get into photography I would recommend getting an actually camera though because you'll get results then using the camera mode on your camcorder.


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I did not expect to see the kind of quality in the second dog photo, its pretty good for a video camera.

You do seem to need a fair amount of light to get useful stuff out of it, I think it will work best in outdoor conditions.


Keep experimenting with it, once you feel like you want to expand your vision (and you want more features), you could always upgrade to a 'real' camera.



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