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Our Future Professions

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I am going to be a United States Navy SEAL (unless some physical condition precludes me from doing so). I am going to join the Marines out of high school and serve 4 years there, then I should be able to transfer and attempt BUD/S training.

Also just a side note, every time i tell some one of my dream job they always seem to get this mood of "yeah sure". I sometimes wonder if it's just me or do people think that anyone they know couldn't possibly be that tough/elite.

Being a SEAL isn't really that rare. They're too romanticized in public belief. Although they are incredibly badass.

If I were to pursue a military career (I'd thought I did at one time, but other things have convinced me that that's a terrible idea), I'd shoot for Marine Force Recon. 9-man squads that have been known to hold back armies.

While I don't know if you are right about being a SEAL being all that rare I do know that there is an 80% drop out rate. Also about the 9-man squad thing if you haven't read Lone Survivor by Marcus Lutrell i would highly recommend it. Though they of course can't be certain I think the estimated stats are that a 4-man SEAL team (3 of which died) held back close to 200 men and killed somewhere in the ballpark of 40-80. The 200 i got from the book itself, but I forget where I found the 40-80 stats. But in conclusion, while SEAL's are bad [wagon] so are all other branches.
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God dammit Seany, STOP SHARING MY MIND

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Yeah, every special forces branch kicks [wagon]. I just meant that being a SEAL isn't unachievable if you work harder than many people in the world.

Marine Force Recon and SEALS actually take very similar training, MFR has to learn more strategic stuff though because they've been dropped off for campaigns behind lines that last for months with no resupply. Pretty crazy. Good luck to you, all the same.
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