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Skills and the Economic Environment

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    Scorpion Pit

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Magic (By combat).-at all times of year

Simply wonderful. Its fun to train, and hard to fully master, raises your HP along the way. its awesome.
The clock is ticking, and your time is running out, mortals.

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    Bear Fur

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Do you train based on environmental factors?

Of course.

I'll be training some of the more pricey skills once the new skill comes out.
As everyone will be training the new sklll I hope raw material prices will fall.

Specifically I want cheaper summoning seconds.

It's also a good time to pick up rares as they tend to fall as well.

Fletching - Cooking - Firemaking
So these skills are really cheap with massive supply. They're pretty darn stable, I can't see anything really making these much faster or slower to train. I consider these pretty environmentally neutral for the moment.

I would still train these because with other skills we've seen good updates for higher level untradeable items.

I think firemaking needs a huge makeover so it might end up being useful. I'm not levelling firemaking but I do have the logs for 99 firemaking.

The best skill to train at the moment?

Construction is the skill that should be trained atm, with stealing creation hammers it's the most cost-effective it's ever been.

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    Bear Fur

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The only thing that affects my training, is the price to train it and the effeciency.(SP?)
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