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3rd Age/Spirit shields/Phats Discussion

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From the official forums: (latest prices as of 08-Dec-2012 3:54:20)

All numbers in millions.

Purple: 995b
Yellow: 1078b
Green: 1263b
Red: 1399s
White: 1880b

Green h'ween: 95.5b
Blue h'ween: 118.4b
Red h'ween 150.4b
Santa hat: 140b

Easter egg: 70b
Disk: 150.4b
Pumpkin: 219.5s
Wine: 1000s

B = Instant buy
S = Instant sell

Whether or not rares are a wise investment is up to you to decide. ;).
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You got disk and pumpkin the wrong way around.

Disk is being highly maniped atm, went from 170m > 220m in a few days. (and not even by me :( had planned to buy loads but someone else had the same idea before me)
Check it out, huge amount of effort has gone into this massive mod!
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1005s 1095s 1295b 1425b 1906s 3000-3100

Those are the official prices, although the blue range hasn't moved for a while and 3075 is the lowest reported transaction in a while, so that's more likely to be 3050-3150 now.

People probably don't like to look at it this way, but other than small daily fluctuations, the long term price of rares and the price of RSGP are correlated very strongly. The lack of any noticeable action against bots, combined with the higher than normal number of hosts giving up and selling GP recently, has driven the price of gp down. That increases the demand for rares.

There's also the self fulfilling prophecy aspect to it: most wealthy merchants know the above is true. So they stock rares early, leading to fewer hats on the market and a smaller supply, which drives the price up even more :P

I doubt jagex have anything planned against bots until at least the new year (if ever -.-) so I'm betting on a nice rise for now. Hopefully we'll see 2b+ whites again by the end of the month.

Asmodean <3

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Wow, if Santas are 140m right now, I'm really happy I bought mine back when it was like 75m :thumbsup:

Finally on here to update that I have officially quit! It's been fun.



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I only see phats on hosts

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