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Legacy vs Corruption 20 vs 20


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After defeating Bk in round one, we knew that our fights were only going to get harder. When the fights for the second round were posted, we found out that we were facing Corruption. We knew this wouldn't be an easy fight, by any account, and in fact this was probably the most intense 20 vs 20 we have ever had. We were nervous; we knew Corruption was going to be our first true test of strength, and our biggest challenge. Corruption brought some of their finest warriors, and we brought ours. We were outleveled, but we knew we couldn't let that stop us from doing what we do best. The fight started with Corruption piling myself, while we piled Aerofox, and we got off to an early lead.


Legacy Starting: 20



Corruption Starting: 20




The battle ensued, we would get ahead again, and then corruption would tie it up. It was really tense, and there were times that we had doubts, however in the end, we managed to prove that no matter what others might think of your clan, if your clan works together, with everyone doing the best they can, you'll come out on top. Everyone for us tanked very well, I don't think it would be fair for me to say any names, but you know who you are. Our snipers did great, and kept Corruptions binders distracted, and really helped wear down their main pile.









Fresh; like coffee, good to the last drop.




Legacy ending:


Corruption ending: We killed them all.


For those intrested there will be a video up later.


Good job Legacy, you surprised everyone, enjoy this win, you earned it.

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Goodfight Corr. Was a lot of fun. Definitely the most intense small opts fight I've attended in a long time :D


Legacy, proud of you guys especially our low level tanks. Great work everybody! :D







Life for you, has been less than kind

So take a number, stand in line

We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt

But how we survive, is what makes us who we are



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Congratulations legacy.


corr is top 10 ?


CoR had the balls to stay through this tourny till the end unlike VR and EoS who both dropped out after the first round to save face.


They're matched opt fights, they show organisation on a low opt scale, in that class legacy outdid CoR today but once again, at least CoR has the guts to risk looking weak in the eyes of fools such as yourself.

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Unexpected, good job Legacy. :thumbup:

Genesis Leader

Ending Templar & Trial Caller of The Rising

Ex-Leader of Silent Ember - Ex-Leader of True Ownage - Ex-Leader of Legendz

Former Tip.It Clan Community Leader

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