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*-P.K.Masters-* defeats Corrupt Pures Mains


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Original rules: http://pkmasters.com/pkm/event/2010/feb/sat27/acceptanceCM.png. CM decided to turn ranged on at the last moment, so after grabbing ranging gear, the war started. CM attacked and held the lead until it was 5-5. Our snipers did an excellent job. Each clan had strong tanks. Corrupt dragon was allowed this war; props to the PKM who brought corr weapons.


We pulled surprisingly low this war, unfortunately causing CM to have to drop two. We also had a lot of new recruits and FA's war today, and it was a learning experience for them.


*-P.K.M-* start: 8

CM start: 9 (dropped from 11)


*-P.K.M-* end: 4

CM end: quit CC at 3 (had another war)


2 kills, 0 deaths






*-P.K.M-* Website




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Gratz Pkm


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