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~~Newer Bank Of Runescape~~ **Updated again 05/15/09**


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Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!




I have dreamed of just this type of org for my account. Me & all the other obsessed organizers out there.








Do it now, I'll pay extra!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D













I'd rather wear out, than rust out.

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for that one idiot who wrote that jagex should change the lever in mage bank to ladder...* u should be banned. you are just mad that people tb u and that u die. y bother posting on this thread if u dont have ne positive feedback? are u just trying to stand out and look like a mighty rebel? i hope i find u in the wild and show u the benifits of having a lever rather then a ladder u f()ck








i fully support btw




Rofl! I hope you do find me out there...




Whos trying to look big here, me disagreeing with some one becouse i think theres much more important updates needed or you swearing like a 13 year old gangster wannabe?




Just remember when you find me and get ko'd that you wanted it, your 5 extra str and 3 less def doesnt impress me.








I bother posting on this thread becouse i have a mind of my own and if you dont like bad feedback dont post on a public forum, im entitled to my oppinion.

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I saw this and i fell inlove with it count me in i sooo hope this becomes an update its so smart to think of that will make banking so much easier thanks bro












Majimba <-----add to the list :D








EDIT: Add all my accounts if it makes a diff








Death name








Rcer killer












(some are friends accounts and i told them but they don't have a tip.it account so i posted for them)








Awesome idea once again

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let us see , the max amount of people that play on busy times is like 180k.




i'l bet OVER 100k will have no idea how to work with your bank system , i like the idea , but it will be just to confusing for the poor newbies :roll: .

Some people dream of success, while others make it happen.

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