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~~Newer Bank Of Runescape~~ **Updated again 05/15/09**


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Add me. Great idea.


2146 overall - 136 combat - 6 skillcapes


Plus I think the whole teenage girl thing will end soon (hopefully), because my girlfriend is absolutely in love with him(she is 18), and im beginning to feel threatened by his [Justin Bieber] dashing looks.

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great dude, just great....




beats poh's anyday. but this will kill the reason for lol lvl wildy pking as the person will find the anti- pots in a second :)




but as for another thing, when you open the slot, it should stay on that slot all the time till you log out, then go to the first slot on the list

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I love it!








This would be much more worthwhile than any other possible update Jagex could do. It would have to be p2p only of course.








For a start it would mean an end to spending ages sorting it all out, then it being a mess a week later.








Please do it Jagex

I have to get practically naked when I'm cooking bacon.

I may be immature, but that made me laugh!

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