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Lev 125 members and 116 in f2p looking for clan

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Hello I live in Canada and I am looking for a clan

and I love doing bandos but I also love doing other things with a clan like the kaphlite queen, things like that

My combat skills are:

95 Hitpoints

90 attack

99 Strength

89 Defence(around 58k exp till 90)

85 Range

70 Prayer

86 Magic

74 Summoning

Thank you

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Hey, i live in Canada too :D




I'll cut the bs and just give you a quick summary of what sets us apart from what the others have posted:

Established clan with more than 1 year of history

We've been doing our thing for quite awhile, we are a solely F2P and P2P CWA clan, thats right we don't do pvp we are all about CWA. Nevertheless, we offer our members the pvp experience by allowing to join our solely pvp allied clan. Our requirements are that you are at least 100+ f2p combat, 80+ defense, have a hybrid set, Teamspeak 3 and IRC.


Extreme Warring

On a weekly basis we have 3-5 wars a week. At least 2 of those are on the weekend just for your convenience. We are EST and GMT based.


Active Community

With bustling forums, an IRC channel and TeamSpeak server- you'll never get lonely even off rs.


Community Events

Aside from warring we have the occasional events such as: gwd, races, rev hunts, membership giveaways and skill competitions. We also have an allied clan for members who want to pvp- so you'll get the best of both worlds.


Your Next Step

Unlike other clans, we don't want you to join us blindly. We like our members enticed first, so be sure to join us on our IRC channel: #legendz or on our cc: lgz_chat. Chat with some of our members, and feel at home. Once your done, head over to our site and forums!



If you'd like to see our memberlist, have a look here.




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Hey Omar, you should check Ascension out:



Ascension Forum || Ascension Memberlist || IRC: #rs-ascension on SwiftIRC






Forums: http://ascension.ipbfree.com/

IRC: #rs-ascension on SwiftIRC


If you need to know anything about us feel free to contact me through PM or drop by our IRC (#rs-ascension).


Hope you consider Ascension :D


Ascension Forums || IRC: #rs-ascension on SwiftIRC || Ascension Memberlist

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Hi Omar, you should check out Aurora. We are a brand new clan, only about 1-2 weeks old. We are 95+ f2p combat, and we are warring based, but we also are looking to have a strong base in fun events, especially with monster hunting. I know we have a few adverant god war members, and as we grow we'll have many fun events at gwars, or such trips too kq, kbd, etc.


Right now, we are slow with the fun events, we just need to recruit new members like you, to get rolling.

However, with warring we have been doing awesome so far :)


Last time I went to KQ, I got a chain :P wouldn't be worth nearly as much now, even though it wasn't much then. haha


I hope you check us out. Here is some of our info on forums, irc, and memberlist.


Irc: #au

Forums: z7.invisionfree.com/clanaurora

Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=aurora


Best of luck on your clan search :)


~Sir Po 1, Leader of Aurora.

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☼The Wilderness Guardians☼


Hey Omar I thought I'd give you a little info about my clan, WG:


What we have to offer like other clans




* P2P Pking - We are out several times weekly, with pk trips always being successful.

* F2P Pking - We have 1 F2P pk trip each week for the Aussie members

* Warring/PKRIs - We have a war or a PKRI usually every two weeks, but occasionally weekly.

* Requirements - We keep our requirements at 100+ F2P to keep standards high with our members.

* Excellent Community - The WildGuard community is one of the best in the clan world, and you can ask many people that will agree.

*Money-making - We have support in many money-making events, from GWD, just plain skilling events, and even EP-gaining!

*Active Teamspeak and IRC - Our Teamspeak server can hold up to 1,000 members in it, and our IRC channel is always filled with people chatting about anything you can think of.




What sets us apart from other clans




*Currently we are making plans for the clans 6th Clanniversary is one of the most known in the world stretching over 7 days with 20 events, and millions in cash/item prizes.

*6 Years - WildGuard is one of the longest standing clans in the clan world, and still going strong under the same leadership.

*Positive Reputation - WildGuard is one of the most well known clans, and we're always asked for wars/pkris.

*Clan Website - Our website is probably the best clan website in the entire clan world, with the largest set of photo archives in the clan world.

*Forums - Our forums are one of the most secure forums in the clan world with our forum technician, Robbiethe1st.

*Leadership - The Wilderness Guardians have always been under the same leadership of His Lordship since it was founded, making him one of the longest serving clan world leaders.

*Event Variety - We have events like no other clan has, with probably the most events of any clan in the clan world.

*Event Frequency - We have an event almost every other day, ensuring that people will always find something to do with WG.

*Anti-extended PKRIs - We have a policy on not having PKRIs that last longer than three hours because we believe our members abilities rely on skill, not returning sets.

*Mentor System - We have a system where our Trial Guardians are paired up with our veteran members to help learn their way around WG.

*Non-RS Games - WildGuard plays a wide variety of games not RS related, from iSketch, Cannons, and many other games.

*Easy Application System - WildGuard has a system that instantly puts a member into a clan, no future applicants.

*World Timezones - All timezones are covered in events, so no specific timezone suffers.

*Allied Events - WildGuard has many events with our allies, ensuring a strong, reliable relationship continues with our allied clans.


Website: www.wildernessguardians.com

Forums: www.wildernessguardians.com/forum

IRC: #wg_lobby for guests, #wg for full members

Requirements: 100+ F2P Combat


Good Luck wherever you go for! :)


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Hey Omar, Blessed Hunters is a NEW clan but growing daily. I see that you like bandos and kq, youd fit in perfectly because we are THE monster hunting clan. We have gwd planned every single day and im sure youd have fun. Take a look!



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Hello Omar1959,


I think we are just what You are looking for.



Looking for a great clan?

Want to be a part of a great community?

In search of some fellow lovers of the game of Runescape to skill and explore with?

Look no further - you have just found us!

We believe we are the friendliest Runescape clan community out there.

Our aim is to ensure you have fun in a safe clan environment where we will help you to achieve what all Runescape players want - a better, more skillful character.

We have regular events, easy to follow rules & a considerably more democratic system of leadership than most clans.

See your total level fly by using the wisdom & experience of our awesome clan members.

"Onwards & Upwards"



About us:

Tkoe is first and foremost a large group of friends.

We were created to have fun and kick a little butt in the online world at the same time.

What makes us different from other clans is the strength of our members and our value system.

We do not tolerate rude or disruptive conduct, as we believe it detracts from the fun involved in gaming.

As a new member of Tkoe you will be expected to follow our rules and respect other clan members and players.



What we ask of you

Be active on forums and make at least 7 posts per week.

Attend at least 6 clan event per month.

You can only be a member of one clan - we do not allow multi-clanning.

(We view GUILDS as a clan.)

Our entry requirements are combat 95 or total level 1300


Please do not sign up if you are not going to be active on forums and clan events.


To join the clan you need to register on the TKOE forums.

After registering you will need to log on to the forums,

complete a copy of the application form and post it in the Application forum.

An administrator will validate your account and approve or decline your application.

To gain full TKOE membership you must be active on the forums and at events.




Our ranks

TKOE Regent, TKOE Duke/TKOE Duchess,TKOE Count/TKOE Countess

TKOE Viscount/ TKOE Viscountess, TKOE Baron/TKOE Baroness

TKOE Knight/TKOE Dame, Squire, Initiates



Our events


We have one or two events every day including Pest Control, Kalphite Queen, Barrows Runs, King Black Dragon Trips,

Obsidian Farming, Dagganoth Blasts, Mole Hunting, Fight Pits, Agility Training, Waterbirth Island Trips,

Blast Furnace, Barbarian Assault, Mole Hunt, Temple Build, Godwars dungeon trips taking down all the bosses.

Clan wars for fun and the more serious ones defending clan honour, Ice trolls massacre, Revenant hunting,

woodcutting, fishing and mining events at various locations, Castle wars blast and many more.


Our aim is to explore all what the game has to offer and leave no stone unturned.




Our structure

The clan is run by the 2 Presidents, the Vice President and the High Council.


Presidents: Moogester & Ged Deschain

Vice Presidents: Python_90nl, Ladycharlie

Forum and Website Administrators:

Ged Deschain, Joel 19891, Mortimer1616, Moogester

Python_90nl, Ladycharlie


High Councillors:

2drunk2care2, Ashmac112002, Greerere, Harrietcat, Natureboyz, zAngelwar, Thief Drak





For anymore information about our clan Members please check our Runehead Clan list out


We hope all this has left you doubtless in your choice of clan - click the link below to join now


Register or visit our forums now:




Visit our new website:





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Check out blasphemy mate =)




IRC Channel - #Blasphemy {on irc.swiftirc.net}


Website | Forums | Videos | Memberlist


Basic Needs Before Applying:

  • You must visit forums as often as possible.
  • You must be willing to listen and learn
  • You must show you have time for Blasphemy, and thats activeness in events.
  • You must have a heart to create passion and loyalty for Blasphemy


Hello There, And Welcome To Clan Blasphemy's Recruiting Thread. Blasphemy Is A Runescape Clan That Strives To Become Close To Perfect. Our Greatest Ambitions Have Never Changed Since Day 1, We've Always Wanted To Grow And We've Always Wanted To Be the Best. As The Clan Became Older, Blasphemy Became More Mature And More Understanding As To Knowing Which Destiny It Must Walk Upon.


Now Blasphemy Wants To Become Unique And Do Things No Other Clan Has Done Or Achieved Before. Complete Organization In The Battlefield, A Community Which Is A Family From Which Every Member Has Their Own Place & Identity. And Finally, We Want To Be The One's To Define That Power/Greed Is Nothing Compared To Courage, Skill, Intelligence & Unity.



To Join Blasphemy You Must Have Specific Character Attributes. You Must Be:


96+ F2P Combat Level

70+ Defense Level



Blasphemy is a clan that has heart and a passion to make an unforgettable mark. Our community enables the first step to our goals, were a clan that has great respect for one another. In Blasphemy, we really do feel like a family, it's like a tradition and a rule; Always stick by your comrades side and be their support in every instance.


Like mentioned, were built strongly on organization, thats organization on and off the wildy. In the wildy, you see like nearly every clan doing the same thing, the same tactics, I mean they do it but its never that perfect and for us just too repetitive. Runescape can be incredibly exciting if you have awesome imagination, charisma and the willingness of hearts to try out the different plans and tactics in the wildy. We make sure that every Blasphemien in the war is well aware of what they have to do, and that their confident and ready.



Now, most clans are built and revolve around having events, otherwise what's the point in clans? Blasphemy has a range of events, and our highest priority within them is to make them work and be successful. We want people to cherish the experience they have, and in the end, enjoy themselves.

  • F2P - We do a variety of F2P events, as Blasphemy is a F2P based clan. Clan Wars is really fun, especially knowing that you can run into any clan, knowing the popularity that it has with clans. We also do PvP Related wars and pking events aswell.
  • P2P - We also like to do P2P events such as Fight Pits, GodWars, Castle Wars, KBD etc.
  • Wars - This is the heart of Blasphemy's system. We train to war, to defeat other clans who set upon us a challenge. We have huge aims, and to earn what's yours, you must be willing to fight. Pvp & CWA wars is what blasphemy does.
  • Fun Events - We have plentiful of these, Achievement Parties, Skill Events, Unique Events and many more. Aims of Fun Events are to do something different for a change, at the same time to hopefully rep up Blasphemy by showing happiness within ourselves.

We try to do official events as much as we can, but in realness we have at least one "unofficial" event EVERY other day. This usually happens in our IRC channel, where clans might declare an instant 30 min prep mini. This shows our family is 24/7, and we like to keep in touch whenever we play runescape.



The aims of Blasphemy are always high and ambitious in an observer's eye, but to us it's something that we all cherish to complete. Things like making Blasphemy the most "unique" clan amongst all, don't know how we'll do it but one day if fate goes our way, we will be the first. Another aim is to create a brotherhood community, as mentioned above, but we want to keep this and make it stronger and more efficient to survive in the future. Final aim I'll mention is that Blasphemy does one day want to reach the top, and eventually be known and referred to as, positive, courageous and always existent.

















Leader - Makaaveli

Captains - Living Rival

Warlord - Ronny


Website | Forums | Videos | Memberlist


We choose to go...not because [it is] easy, but because [it is] hard, because that goal will serve to measure and organize the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win. ~ Blasphemien Way




"Rest In Peace, Muelmar - A True Modern Day Hero"

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.......................::Who We Are::.......................


KO Unit is an official Runescape clan. Our clan sticks together like a family, and a positive community is something that we strive for. We aim for maturity however we do have fun. We do NOT tolerate flaming in any circumstance. KO Unit is a F2P BASED clan which holds a few P2P events a month, we are primarily based in EST however we have a very active GMT/Europe time zone. We hold most events at a time which is decent for both time zones. We hold a vast amount of events, at least one every weekend and lots of different ones from clan warring, like FFA Manhunt, Fishing Competitions, PvP/BH, Woodcut & Chat, Firelighting competitions and many more including those official wars, random allied wars and Revenant Hunting. Currently we don't do many PKRIs so you won't need to have a wealthy bank.



.......................::Our History::..........................

The clan was made by a few friends back in November 2007, however it did not become big until May 2008, when the site was made. Then in September 2008 there was a major argument and half of the original K O Unit split off (Which formed into Downfall). We officialised ourselves in December 2008 and have since grown tenfold. We have introduced a few newer ranks which are working really well.




Initials: KOU


Home World: 116 P2P / 119 F2P


Base: F2P


Team Cape: Team-7/Purple Cape


Multi-Clanning: DISABLED



.......................::Clan Requirements::.......................

-60+ Magic and 70+ Range


-Active for events, in the clan chat, and on forums. These are loose guidelines, but simply the more involved you are, the higher your rank will be.


-90 Combat will get you official member status, if you have not yet achieved please do join but you will be ranked junior but still be regarded equal.



Our Forum's link: www.s1.zetaboards.com/K_O_unit/


Our Clan's Memberlist: http://www.runehead....clan=sportdemon


Also Our Juniors & Trials Memberlist:http://www.runehead.....php?clan=koufl















.......................::Frequently Asked Questions::.......................


Q. What is our home world? Do I always have to be on this world?

A. Our P2P home world is 116, and our F2P home world is 119. It would be nice if you kept us company, but you can play on any world you want. ---See suggestions above regarding home world.



Q. Do we have a clan chat? How about IRC?

A. Yes. We have both a clan chat and an IRC.


-Our ingame clan chat: Ko Unit Clan


-Our IRC channel: #ko_unit_clan



Q. Is multi-clanning allowed?


A. No. In order to be a part of KO, you must not be in any other clans. However, exceptions include unofficial clans, pest control teams, misc., etc.



Q. Can I host my own events?


A. Yes. Players are free to suggest and host their own events.



If you have any questions, problems or want more info etc. please feel free to PM us on here, in RuneScape, on IRC, on our site, or [email protected] or come into our clan chat "Ko Unit Clan" and ask a rank the questions you may have.



Important Links & Communication

Clan chat: Ko Unit Clan

IRC channel: #ko_unit_clan

http://s1.zetaboards...K_O_Unit/index/ Ko Unit forums

http://www.runehead....clan=sportdemon Full Member memberlist

http://www.runehead.....php?clan=koufl Trial Memberlist

We hope to see you at KO Unit! If you have any questions, ask on our site or post on this thread.


~Evil Crosby

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Hey there canadian! We have a large Canadian unit in Gladz, Would love to get another. We're not a straight GWDs clan, But GWDs is a large part of our events! Which range from F2P wars to Trawler. We have an amazing Community here in Gladz and would love to give you the opportunity to join! Check out our template! If you ever feel like joining IRC, Please do, I'll personally give you a tour of what were about and why would would want you to join us!



The Gladiatorz Recruitment Video:


Note: For our full length recruiting topic, follow this link: http://www.zybez.net/community/index.php?showtopic=997286

Courtesy of The Gladiatorz PR Team


(01:24:41) <@Jake> by sea of white i meant i hoped to see no colored kids at the war tomorrow

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Joining The Brotherhood




So are you hooked to the clan yet? You want to join our great community and ownage wars? Well if not it's alright, COS isn't for everyone, yet everyone who meets requirements is welcome! Either way, just watch out for the day when you see us in a PVP world or at Clan Wars! Now here's a step by step break down of how to apply:


1. Register your forum username

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?...Reg&CODE=00


2. Read over our COS Rules

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?act=boardrules


3. Make sure that you are logged onto your new account

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?...gin&CODE=00


4. Read this thread and copy the application inside

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?showtopic=6


5. Paste the application and fill in all information possible

- http://z10.invisionfree.com/COS/index.php?...ODE=00&f=10


6. Make sure you are ingame and have private chat set to "on" not "friends" so we can determine you have control of your account


Or simply view our forum by using this link:



If you have any questions please let me or one of our Staff Members know and we will do our best to help you out. Thank you for looking over the Council of Saradomin and we are looking forward to gaming with you in the future!

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Hey guys and gals, feel free to use this post on RSC if your stuck on thinking up your own.


Hello I'm The British Elite's Head recruiter. We are a GMT based community clan with daily events such as castle wars, big monster hunting, wars, PVP and Godwars, to name a few. We have our own IRC chat channel and TeamSpeak server. Have a look at our sites.




Clan Site - http://www.forums.britishelites.com


P.S.: Should you have any further questions, please feel free to PM me using either these forums or PMing me on IRC(SwiftIRC), my IRC-chatname is Sp0k3y and I can always be found in #TBE_Lobby (our guestchannel).


- Key Information


.:: Clan Leaders ::.


Mystical Jin



.:: War Record ::.


[ 33 - 9 - 14 ]



.:: Clan Cape ::.

Team-40 (Green)



.:: Alliances ::.


[WG] Wilderness Guardians.

[TDM] The Death Monkeighs.



.:: Primary Time Zones ::.



We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.



.:: IRC Channel ::.





.:: Team Speak ::.


We have a very active TS community, but only members are aloud access to the server, to avoid any unwanted trouble for our members while having fun on ts


.:: Clan Chat ::.




.:: Base Type ::.

F2P & P2P



- Requirements


.:: We'd Like You To... ::.

Be Atleast 100 F2P Combat For TBE

Try your best for the clan.

Maintain RS and forum activity.

Attend as many Runescape events as possible.

Show respect to all members and staff.

While on Runescape, use our clan chat and/or IRC channel.



Thank you so much for looking at TBE, and we all wish you the best of luck at which ever clan you choose.


Member List: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tbeadmin

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Hey Omar,



Clan Requirements

  • 99+ F2P Combat
  • Willing to return in PvP. Although we have no rune sets requirement, you should be willing to buy some when needed.
  • Preferrably access to Swiftkit/mIRC
  • Access to Teampspeak3


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Hey there Omar1959. You should look into joining the Bloodshed Empire. We are an Est/Gmt based clan. We have a very friendly community that I'm sure you would greatly enjoy, and we would love you to be a part of. We have events nearly daily, and vary. Some events that we do are, but not limited to, GWD, KBD, SC, and so on. We do war, if you enjoy that, a couple times a week. We also have an inner team that is devoted to pvp, if you enjoy pking. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me on here, in game (Bevan), join our IRC (#bse), or join our in game CC (clan_bse).






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