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Tavern kareoke corner

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Thought it would be a good idea to make this so that we don't spam up the dungeoneering discussion thread.

Here are the creations so far:


Bone and Blood,
Fire and Flood,
Stone and Gusting Gale,

Force and Time,
Rhythm and Rime,
Darkness and Light shall not fail.

Divination and Shade,
To Call and Be Made,
Face the fury of Storm,

Die and Dissolve,
Bring Life and Resolve,
And enslave your enemy's Form.

Formed in flames and bright light too,
A flash of the numbers five-six-two;
A warrior, a mage, a hero wannabe!
Dumbly determined never to flee.

Falling flat, then regaining his feet,
Two great constructs he did meet!
One exception to his fleeing proclamation;
Nex escaped with great exclamation!

Earthen doors behind him closed.
Sealed, unsealed, via keystone.
Gathering his miniscule might,
Nex then prepared for the fight.

Striding in, our hero proclaimed;
"Golems, stand down, or else be maimed!"
Wholly dumbstruck by his words,
The Golems did not hail their lord!

Rather than tremble and fall to their knees,
Or even, horrified, entirely freeze;
The vile contructs attacked our Nex!
And by his magic, were ground to flecks.

Smiling, the bard-mage strode
Out the door and down a road.
Where is he now? Likely dead.
But nothing indisputable can be said.


Four heroes with compainions startyed journeys true, each to their own path.
Each with special magiks, and varying ammounts of luck.
Each with great deeds done,some good, some unsavory.
Each with new abilities, ound upon the wind.
Now the newest ones, must try to do their best.
To overcome the great things done, by those before, and the rest!

A beating heart, beating drums
Waves slamming, shore to shore
Beating beating, evermore
Beating beating, evermore
running feet, beating sword
enchanting song, free of fall
Beating beating, never forever
Waving, waving, falling feather
call on wing, scuffling things
fragile life, beating then still
Beating beating, evermore.

Shades balade:
One hero, strong in magiks dark, went searching for a chest.
He came upon an unconcious mage, with cloak about him as if in rest!
When our hero touched that shadowed cape, he was transported to world quite strange.
For no matter what he did, all he could do was range!
Then he found that cloak again, and touched it to see what would happen.
He found himself awake again, back with all his packins!
So he took the cape, finding it would not harm him, as long as he held tight.
He took it, and the mage, back to the Ivory Tower, where the mages shook with fright!
They told him then, to run and hide, for danger qas quite near.
But our hero then, he said no! he'll stay despite the fear!
But then somthing went wrong, in the bindings laid upon that cape.
And out the window our heroe went, as master saved him from that cape!
When our hero came around, he sensed somthing wrong with the tower.
And when he wnt inside to check, he was taken back again!
Our hero, saw a world like his own, but strangley devoid of life.
All he could see and feel all around, was pain and strife!
So he ventured outside, and saw a dark shape on a hill.
And when he made it there, he had realized he had had his fill!
But three others, heroes just like him, came seeking help from the tower.
And sucked right in, they were, just like the drain of a shower!
And they too saw the shade, and they too thought it was quite a fright.
But then when our first heroe attacked, it put up quite a fight!
He slashed, and hacked, but did no great damage.
And our heroes brave and bold, dealt him many a blow, but he just changed with new plumage!
He grew broken wings, and another sword, and an evil grin grew on his face.
The heroes thought he was groing stronger, and fought him with might!
But then he changed again, after dealing a fatal blow.
And laying down a heroe low, he became even worse to fight!
So when his new transformation was complete.
He was such a fearsome sight!
With chains as extra arms, and wings of blackest night!
But he seemed unsure of his power.
But was still harder to fight!
He threw himself at his foes, those brave heroes few.
And they gained items from his body, a gem, a feather, a chain, and a shard of the shades own sword!
But then they were laid just as low, as the poor one who went before.
But then those mages of ivory, sprung their spell tight!
When our brave heroes came to, their friend was bck alive again, their riches safe and sound.
And the mages of the tower, told them of the shade!
The shade was a demigod, his power corrupted might!
So they gathered their rewards, used them well, and looked for another fight!


Out to a dungeon, threading boot.
Killing enemies and sharing loot.
Two went first and opened the door.
Little did they know to expect gore.
Fresh on dungeons these two were.
Unexperienced on a golem's lure.

Two more came to help in fight.
Sadly one would enter eternal night.
A hero got trapped beneath the ground.
Another tried to fight with magic sound.
The hero was freed and the golem slought.
In the next room two were in mimics caught.

Håkon was a warriors only name.
He, unlike his brethren, liked not to maime.
The first thing he did was a build assist.
He later made a cave-forge with magic fist.

As time rolled by he went to war.
His object was to save a witchcraft [bleep].
He conjured a thunderstorm of great might,
And those he didn't kill he filled with fright.
The witch helped in and they killed that hord,
Later they began to fight a lord.

The battle went on cuz magic was unlawed.
But finally the Quisitor was unjawed.
Håkon he began a rocky build
Of the complex that now houses a guild.

Later the army had returned,
One thing was sure, of the fight they'd learned.
Hundreds of soldiers was on the march,
Their opposition a mere farse.
A thundercloud was summoned but was strong willed.
It had an anger remaining unchilled.

The fight went bad and our hero lost.
The rescue opperation had come with a cost.
The exiles moved, found a place for their sake,
A tranquil meadow by a peaceful lake.

A crystal was found without it's like,
Capable of stopping a magic strike.
Håkon made an armour out of this.
So he could fend of magic piss.
He found an armour that was alive,
And gave it to the thundercloud in which to thrive.

Håkon then designed a shooting device,
And made a blacksmith make it precise.
He made some bullets and guess if it shot,
Now on distance combat he uses it a lot.

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Twitter: @TheMather1

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    You can't direct the wind

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We seem to keep spawning threads so we don't spam up other threads...
Anyway, side note is that Varrock Library is the 'supposed' place for poems, songs and other literary things....which arn't roleplay <_<

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Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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    Ice Giant Melter

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Yeah, but most of these are stories of our adventures in dungeoneering, they wouldn't really fit in at Varrock Library.

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Twitter: @TheMather1

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As you turn around a corner, you don't really think about what's on the other side. You never anticipate what you'll see, and it never seems important what possiblities exist. The chances for life that exist on a pavement are ludicrously vague, this explains it. The mind simply cannot be bothered to consider all the various possibilites, much like you cannot be bothered to go out for that 5 mile every morning. When faced with the great question; is outcome worth the effort, we often simply choose no without really thinking about the entirety of the decision we are making.

I've often thought about writing stuff down. Creating a book of my experiences, publishing it, selling it. Living off it. But that wouldn't flow. That wouldn't be right.

But. Nothing is right. Everything is [bleep]ed. Everything is wrong. So here it is. I, will bear my soul open on these pages for you to read and smirk and weep and laugh and fight with. From no one, I will become everyone, and then become no one again. Through my explanation of events, which you will find so similar to your own, I will prove that the soul or the individual does not exist. I am no stranger, I am no teenager, I am you and you are me and we are one and the same under the banner of humanity.

I've never been.. fantastic.. outstanding.. unique.. I was, am, nothing more than a human being. Nothing more than a mind passing through the motionless movements of life. I'm just a name, shared with countless others throughout history. There's no greater purpose to my life, if I don't do something, someone else will, and if I do do something, someone else will counter it. This is ok. This is understandable.

What isn't understandable is hers.

'Tis I, 'tis Vindice, 'tis I!

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    A Fool On The Hill.

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Mather, can you add my old intro to Reanimated? It's currently in the Varrock Library.

10:53 PM - retech9691: I feel the need
10:53 PM - retech9691: To include many chasms in my story arc
10:53 PM - Resistance: You mean plotholes?


Remember, Remember, the 4th of November

RIP Dawngate ;-;

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    Ice Giant Melter

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Just quote it in here.

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Twitter: @TheMather1

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    Chicken Feather

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I think this is a poem....

Dressed in black, pale as winter snow
Brunette hair, dark brown eyes aglow
Halfblooded fairy yet no wings
Husband’s love to which she clings
Her name scrawled in different aged inks
This strong fighter was named Lynx.

Leiana, dirty blonde and kind
Sweet smile but troubled mind
Musical, quick, head held high
Her special ability is to fly
Saved by love and friends
Is how her story ends.

Halfblooded from birth
Transforms into a creature of planet earth
Sylver, a wolf so sweet
Humans she won’t eat
Adopted into a family who sees her as their own
She’s proud to finally have a home.

Xinea, Aritimis, Salem, Lee
One somehow fell from a tree
One of them dated
But never mated
All somehow horribly maimed,
Some psychologically deranged.

At last come me, myself and I
Hair turning blond and brown eyes
With a mind that’s slightly messed up
I drink life’s wine in a crystal cup
All my forms I recited above
I’m sure you all have come to know and love.

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    Dragon Slayer

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i <3 bumping year old threads


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    Spider Egg

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Crumbling Down.

Without a Sound.

Fading away.

Nothing is Found.

Losing a breath.

A Hollow Shell.

Forgotten Desires.

I look in the mirror,
Half of what I should be...

A broken,
Decayed Foundation...

A Cavity within me,
That yearns for something More...

Nothing to hold onto,
No voice to scream.

No whisper of comfort,
Not a breath of Solace.

An empty house,
A shattered window.

The lack of furniture,
Filled with nothing...

A wordless book,
The pages blank...

A missing face,
A missing voice...

Causing a world,
To Shatter,
To crumble,
Without a sound.

Causing smiles,
To fade away,
Never to be found.

Causing a girl,
To forget what breath is,
Filled with Nothingness.

And a need,
So unrecognizable,
Hardly there...
Almost forgotten....


The need is still present,
Only half of what she should be...

Almost Complete...


(Makes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sense~ ouo)

I want his Children....is that bad?
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    Chicken Feather

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Leave me be- Leiana

In the pouring rain,
Crying my soul away.
So much pain,
So this is how you play.
You toyed with my heart,
You hurt me so bad,
You’ve decided how to play your part,
Making sure I never felt glad.

So many lies you’ve told me.
So many tears you’ve managed to cause.
I am standing up to you now, LEAVE ME BE!
This game has hit its final pause!

Everything you’ve told me was a lie,
Made just to hurt me more.
You’ve enjoyed watching me cry,
And slamming Freedom’s door.
You’ve chained me up,
Locked my hopes away,
Teased me with an empty cup,
Told me “No Way!”

So many lies you’ve told me.
So many tears you’ve managed to cause.
I am standing up to you now, LEAVE ME BE!
This game has hit its final pause!

I’m finally free…
Leave my body be.

The Dark Lord
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The Dark Lord

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i wish i could fly
i wish i could touch the skyyy

soar like an eagle fly away
i would never come right away

how would u ever diiie?

spread my wings and
fllyyy awayyy

oh how i wish to see that dayyy

i wish i could fly
i wish i could touch the skyyy

soar like an eagle fly away
never come back right away

oh how i wish
oh how i wish
oh how i wish (fly)

flyin through the sky
makes you look really cool
like the reflectin' surface of an open pooool
oh how i drool
to take a dip into that open poool

take a fish with my claws
toss into my mouth and close my jaws

oh how i wish i could fly...

Mayn U wanna be like me but U can't be me cuz U ain't got ma swagga on.

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