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Introduction to Exercitum Militus of Honorum


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Hello and thanks for reading. I'm Geertjen2 and I'm the Warlord of Exercitum. For the people who also wanted to know what our name exactly means, I'l give a short explanation. Our full name 'Exercitum Militus of Honorum' is Latin and means "Army of Honour". Exercitum has been around since runescape classic allthough it was lead by Supa Vegeta for most of the time, whom still logs on now and then but isn't leader anymore. Our leader of today and leader for a while now is Mightydar1 aka Darlene. She's the heart of the clan and knows what's best for the clan.


A little history lesson perhaps. As i've told Exercitum is a very old clan, and also was a very strong clan. A few years ago we had a memberlist with over 100 members and were seen as one of the most strongest clans in runescape. However, soon enough we found out that being a clan build on power, strength and numbers doesnt always work out. So the last few years we've gotten a bit smaller, but with a great community and an elite warring team. We have won most of our matched opts fights, and alwasy try to keeps things enjoyable, which is something we are proud of and hope to continue. Despite that we've gotten a bit smaller we are still looking for new members to join as we'd love to see some new faces and people to join our 'Army of Honour'.


Some helpfull links:





I hope this clears some things up for the people who didnt really know Exercitum. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask :)


~ Geertjen2 ~


Exer Forums || Exer Member List || Exer Recruitment Topic ||


Exercitum Full Member Requirements - 108+ F2P Combat

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