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MSN virus


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Ok, so here's the deal.


A friend of mine sent me an automated message that said "Photo: <link>". I didn't think much of it, thinking it would actually be some picture, so I clicked it.

When I got to Firefox, I had to download a file. Thinking it was the picture, I allowed it to be downloaded. It was a binary file, I think it was an [Caution: Executable File]. After downloading it, I got redirected to myspace. Thinking it was a bad link or something, I just went on with life.


Then, suddenly, my MSN goes insane, it quickly opens a chat with all my contacts before minimizing them, and I'll have sent everyone the same link I got sent. This is very annoying, both for my contacts and me, so I need a solution.


So far, I've tried a few different things: I deleted MSN from my PC and then reinstalled it. I looked at my downloads-file (where all my Firefox downloads are sent to) but couldn't find anything suspicious there. I've also done multiple scans with 2 different programs and none have found something suspicious (except for Norton that found 95 tracking cookies lol.)


Anyway, I know it was dumb to click the link and download something, but like I said, it was a friend, I didn't thin anything of it. So does anyone have a potential solution?

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Try malwarebytes.


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My friend suggested me the following solution.

Download HiJackThis - this program will help us determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer.

1. Double-click on the file you just downloaded.

2. Click on the "Unzip" button to install the newer version.

3. It will by default install to the directory - C:\Program Files\HiJackThis\

4. If it gives you an intro screen, just choose - Do a system scan and save a logfile.

5. If you don't get the intro screen, just hit [scan] and then click on Save log.

6. Post the HiJackThis.log file here.

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Oh i remember a really bad like wave of this last year, must have had a good 20 friends sending me the messages, found out that i was too. Cant remember how i deleted it, but do remember avg and everything else i tried wouldnt pick it up. think i actually formatted the harddrive (it was needing it quite badly anyway).

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