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Lethality's Back


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Hey TWR, Lethality has decided to rejoin the TWR so here is our intro.


We are about 1.7 years old and mostly CWA-based, but we plan in becoming more PvP oriented later on. We were in TWR before and used to have #2 spot for a long time and it was pretty fun.


Our forums are located at http://clanlethality.ipbfree.com/ feel free to drop by and post an intro there if you'd like. We've got a friendly public board open to everyone. Hopefully we'll be sticking around TWR for a while, looking forward to good times again.



Thanks for reading!

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Welcome back babes, I think you will need a second official to post :)

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It's great to have you guys back, I was expecting this but I'm nevertheless really glad to hear it. :)


Welcome again and I wish LTH the best of luck. :thumbup:


P.S.: Get your second official and you're good to go! <3:





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Welcome back Lethality :)

Its great to see you return and I hope other clans revisiting tipit since the Tournamnet will consider joining.

Look at the clan discussion forum, we are always looking to improve or change things so join in and have fun <3

















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