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i'm still around. havent played runescape in awhile. guess i need to get all the latest good stuff. maybe. they made me a pmod strangely enough. anyway rate best out of 10. :)


and the girl i'm with probably doesnt want her pics up on here, so i took them off..

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well i was like meh, thats a ok bank i guess.


oh wait, hes got some ess.


oh wtf hes got triple my bank in ess. wtf?


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14,792nd to 99 range || 24,954th to 99 herblore

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Nice man!




11/10 for the ess.....good lord

"You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you are all the same." - Jonathan Davis

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Your bank was worth 1,1 Bil in july 2009... any idea what's its worth today?


Awesome either way. 10/10 for shock value .



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