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Gears of War 3


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I finally picked up the game today. Played the first couple chapters with my friend, and everything about the game seems improved. Now I'm going to see how badly I'll get raped online...

Online is a lot more fun this time around. I only got one laggy match out of about 20, and it only lasted for a minute or so. I have a 2KDR right now, but that's mostly from the quick match TDM games I played where I went 12-2 and 10-3. In KOTH I pull about a 1.2 or so, but I play the objective hard.


I also played some horde, which is still awesome, and some beast, which is impossible alone.

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I've been playing Horde religiously trying to get the 50 wave achievement and my first real good team makes it to wave 49 and everyone leaves... My next real try just now I made it to wave 30 with a suck ass team.. I had 2 good teammates who would play as a team the other 2 not so much. I'm going to try one more time i guess :(.


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A group of my friends got to 50 (twice!) on Horde then died.

One of them brought it round my house yesterday, quite fun, considering first game I've ever played of GOW. :P

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I thought it was pretty good but story wise I preferred the first 2. I dislike the fact that you can be downed on singleplayer, the AI is frustrating in getting you back up and I thought there was no reason to depart from just dying like in the first 2. Also disliked the way you're always in a group of at least 4, I can see it was necessary to get 4 player co-op but I liked the parts in the first 2 games where you went off with Dom, and kills seemed less satisfying when you were essentially helped out by 3-4 other guys. Not a bad end to the series though.

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I've never had these problems with the AI. Playing on normal, whenever I'd get downed, one of them would always rush to me, even if it meant running through 5+ enemies.

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