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Range Tank or Barrows PKer


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Ok, so the stats for each would be as follows

Range Tank

99 Defense, Ranged, Magic, Constitution

95 Prayer

75 Attack and Strength


Barrows PKer

99 Strength, Ranged, Magic, Constitution

95 Prayer

75 Attack

70 Defense


Both would be 110 Combat.



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Range tank, without a doubt. Everyone knows noone fights range tanks for a reason.

Range tanks from 95 - 100 cb are unstoppable. Range lvl are usually 99 and defense usually ranges from 75-85.

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ranged, but ditch the 95 prayer in favor of 52 or 44.

DK drops (solo/LS): 66 hatchets, 14 archer rings, 13 berserker rings, 17 warrior rings, 12 seerculls, 13 mud staves, 7 seers rings

QBD drops: 1 kite, 2 visages, 4 dragonbone kits, 3 effigies, lots of crossbow parts

CR vs. CLS threads always turn into discussions about penis size.
It's not called a Compensation Longsword for nothing.

I've sent a 12k combat mission to have Aiel assassinated (poor bastard isn't even Pincers-tier difficulty).



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It depends on how much time you want to put into it. A range tank would take a lot less time (you would keep 44 or 52 prayer, 95 gives no advantage, costs 150mil+, and takes a lot of time) while a barrows pker would take much more time (assuming you get 95 prayer).


It also depends on what type of pking you like more range, or melee. If you chose the range tank you can only range, mage, and range/mage pk. If you chose the barrows pker you can melee, range (not as effective as a tank obv.), mage, hybrid, and tribrid.

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i'd reccomend a range tank but i'd modify some stats:


71/77 prayer - 71 for melee deflect, 77 for augury if you plan to be a 1337 deep wildy mage pker.

80 attack (just a personal preference)

70 str


my current stats:


70 atk

63 str

61 prayer

94 range

86 mage

86 hp

80 defense


(35 summoning 29 dung)


goal stats:

80 atk

70 str

80 prayer

99 range

99 mage

99 hp

95/99 defense (i'll probably stop at 95, can't imagine getting 99)


i was created as a pker but i just get too much enjoyment out of killing people in mini games so i rarely pk.. especially with this terrible computer.

you'll find that prayer is useful if you plan on doing boss fights (i plan on getting it to 80). str to me is useless. in the duel arena when i had 70 atk 54 str and 79 defense with my gear on, nobody could touch me. it was quite hilarious. plus i use melee/slayer to get my defense up so its helpful to have high attack. range tanks own.. if you go over the level 108 range you'll find a ton of people who rip right through you unless you have 5mil+ gear on. so if you actually think your going to get prayer to 95, you should probably focus on 92 herbalore aswell

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[font="Georgia"][b]Current Status:[/b][/font][font="Palatino Linotype"][color="#FF0000"][/color][color="#0000FF"] Training defense [/color][/font][/size]
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