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"Rune Tips CC" Merchanting Clan Chat


Chat Name: "Rune Tips CC"

Primary Use: Merchanting & moneymaking discussion, general hang-out

Additional Comments: Official clan chat or Rune-Tips.net, meant for discussion of good merchanting items and methods but also a general hangout chat. At least 20+ members on at most times, well moderated by Rune-Tips.net staff.

Guide - How To Prepare For (And profit From) Free Trade & the Return of the Wilderness


2.17B Total Wealth ~ The Original Grand Exchange Merchant

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Chat Name: Dungoneerer (yes- right spelling!)



Primary Use: Mainly to chat about the new skill, and as a hub for players to find a team!



Additional Comments: I just wanna help people out who need a team!


^^My blog of EoC PvM, lols and Therapy.^^

My livestream- Currently: Offline :(

Offical Harpy Therapist of the Mad


Barrows drops: Dharok's helm x2, Guthan's helm, Ahrim's top, Hood and skirt, Torag's hammers, Karils skirt, Karil's top, Torag's helm, Verac's skirt, Verac's Flail, Dharok's Platebody.

Dag kings drops: Lost count! :wall:

4k+ Glacors, 7 Ragefires, 4 Steadfasts, 4 Glaivens, 400+ shards![/hide]

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Needing a little help fiding all the tackles and the heaviest fish?....Join the cc Doubledee81 aka "fisherman" for a little help on the fishign flingers!!....we get all the clues...and also help out with all the tackles...also somebody avail on times of ea game..i dont know if i did this in the right forum channel..very sorry if i didnt...if you have any question please do ask!!

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I have been lurking in Lady Hyts chat for a couple of weeks, and I can honestly say, the rules posted here are a joke. If you are one of the handful of chatters that blab on non stop (24/7 seemingly)on that channel, you can do whatever it is you like. Not too mention, they rarely help when people ask questions, instead they get flamed, and called a troll, its a sad CC, that is why I am here looking for another CC, a better one, but alas, thats it, a CC filled with what appears to be kids from Highschool. No thanks, Ive seen/read enough.

There are a handful of nice people and a whole bunch of immature idiots, I guess thats the game, lol.

If you have a CC filled with mature people, who arent concerned with what they are wearing to church, or the mark they got on their science exam, PM me.


Did you know half the worlds population is below average intelligence?

Many people think we are getting smarter as a whole, but we are UNIVERSALLY getting dumber and dumber at an alarmingly fast rate.


Metaphorically.... the human race is on its way to hell in a hand-basket made of dry wicker.

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Anyone is welcome to join my clan chat its called Queens N Knights but just type my Runescape Screenname: FaithNoMore to enter the clan chat, I just started it about a month ago and anyone can join, if I get enough members it will most likely be a fun, sociable clan that helps with skilling and dungeoneering.If anyone starts being rude or talking down on other players you will be kicked, otherwise its a free for all =D


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Three years ago it was "don't go to Lightning's cc." The next it was "don't go to Forsakenmage's cc." Now it's "don't go to Shyla's cc." I mean really, I could say the same for other chat channels. "Don't go to *name's cc* because they're so immature etc." If you didn't have a pleasant time in the channel I'm sorry but it's not like I can monitor everything that happens in the cc and if there is such a cc where everyone likes you the minute you come in and agrees with everything you say, please pm me, I'd very much like to join that.


I try to keep things sane in the channel - reading PMs, deciding over cc issues etc- but with tons of messages coming in every other day, it's tough. Some new people like it and stick around, others don't. You can't just know everyone in a day, a week or even a month. There's a reason why a lot of people, the ancient "tipitchat" people still stick around. :thumbup:


[brought to you by the Cult of the Sacred Crate]

17th to 99 Smithing OSRS

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Was kicked without warning tonight. I'm pretty sure I know who kicked me.


Also, get your mods reigned in. Some like to start [cabbage], then if you DEFEND yourself, they get upset and act like children.


However, hyt is fine for the most part.


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Was kicked without warning tonight. I'm pretty sure I know who kicked me.


Also, get your mods reigned in. Some like to start [cabbage], then if you DEFEND yourself, they get upset and act like children.


However, hyt is fine for the most part.




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Chat Name: Goal Pursuit

Primary Use: What type of discussion takes place? Pursuing RS Goals, teaching and motivation to Pursue Goals

Additional Comments: A place where each can have the best social environment for us, pursuers, to focus and push all the way to the finish line.

Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

Going for Level 99 Magic & Level 99 Smithing!!!

Going for 200M Woodcutting exp!!!!!!!

0346-0077-6360 Mario kart Wii

I hope that you are Reporting the Bots! Please Report Bots.

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HYT Friend Chat Rules & Guidelines

Updated 17-JULY-2014

Most recent changes in Red.


Owner: Sc


Primary Use: Hang out and chat with other Tip.It/Tip.It Forum users. Our chat is not a 'specialized' chat in the sense that we aren't a PKing or warring clan, nor are we a skilling clan. HYT is simply a place to hang out and chat with friends and hopefully have a good time, talking about a variety of subjects including RuneScape-related ones. There are a lot of knowledgeable "regulars" who may be able to assist you or offer advice with skilling, monster hunting, PVP, Dungeoneering, or any-and-all things RuneScape!


This is not a Tip.It/Tip.It Forum endorsed Friend Chat (referred to as 'FC'). Please do not advertise this as the "official" Tip.It FC.


Thanks to Lightning, ForsakenMage, Shyla and Serpent Eye.



A - General



  • All official RuneScape rules apply. Please do not come into the FC expecting immunity from these rules. You may be reported if you are found breaking them.
  • Please be respectful of everyone in the FC. If you have any issues with another user or Chat Moderator, utilize the PM system to discuss it with them, not the FC, or add the user to your Ignore List. "Flame-baiting" (saying something with the sole intention of provoking someone else into arguing with you) is just as bad as trolling.
  • Please use English when talking in the FC. Please use the Private Messaging (referred to as 'PM') system if you wish to speak in another language. Saying offensive things in another language does not make it acceptable.
  • Please be respectful of other Friend and Clan Chats, especially those within the Tip.It/Tip.It Forum community. Any advertising and recruitment for other Friend and Clan chats should be done via the PM system.
  • Openly admitting to cheating/using botting programs, encouraging others to cheat, or explaining how to cheat, will result in you being kicked or banned from the FC.


B - Offensive Language and Controversial Topics



  • Seriously offensive language is not allowed in the FC, despite the Profanity Filter update of 09-FEB-2011. While some users may have elected to turn their Profanity Filter Off, this does not mean that it is a "free-for-all" in the FC.
  • Vulgar and derogatory words, phrases or comments about someone’s race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs will result in you being kicked or banned from the FC. You may be kicked without an initial warning ("insta-kick") by a Chat Moderator.
  • "Censor evasion" (intentionally misspelling words to circumvent the Profanity Filter) is not allowed and may result in you being kicked from the FC.
  • Discussions of drug use (even if it is legal in your country) are not tolerated and may result in you being kicked from the FC. Discussions of alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum.
  • Keep controversial topics to a minimum. Religious or sexual discussions will not be tolerated. Debates are allowed so long as they remain friendly. Remember, it is okay to challenge ideas and opinions, as long as you do not insult the people who hold them. You may be asked to tone it down or change topics if things start to get too heated.


C - Spam and Chat Disruption



  • Please keep swearing to a minimum as using it in excess may be considered disruptive.
  • ASCII art is allowed only in moderation, up to the discretion of the Chat Moderators in the FC at the time only. Quick Chat is allowed so long as it does not create excess spam; you may be asked to tone down the Quick Chat if it distracts from the flow of the chat.
  • If you are offering or looking for Effigy assists, or are Buying/Selling an item, please keep your requests to a minimum. If no one responds the first or second time, please use the appropriate channels (other chats or the Grand Exchange.)


D - RuneScape Usernames, Parodies and Impersonation



  • Users with offensive RuneScape usernames (referred to as 'RSN') will be kicked and may be banned from the FC.





    For the purposes of these rules:

    • "Parody" is paying homage to another user, having fun with a friend, joking around, etc.
    • "Impersonating" is lying about, acting like, or pretending to be someone you are not.
  • Please be respectful when changing your RSN to parody another user or Chat Moderator. If your intention is to troll or harass the person you are parodying, you may be kicked or banned from the FC. If you are offended by someone parodying your name, please add them to your Ignore List.
  • Impersonating another user, especially Chat Moderators, may result in you getting kicked or banned from the FC.
  • Changing your RSN to parody/impersonate that of another user who is already banned from the FC may result in you getting kicked or banned from the FC.



Chat Moderator Ranking



  • All Chat Moderators are assigned one of the following ranks:




    Owner.gifChat Owner (Key)

    General.gifGeneral (Gold Star)

    Captain.gifCaptain (Silver Star)

    Lieutenant.gifLieutenant (Bronze Star)

  • Chat Moderators have the ability to kick any user with a lower rank than theirs.
  • Chat Moderators are selected by the Chat Owner but generally involve input from all other moderators.
  • If you have any issues with a Chat Moderator, do not discuss it openly in the FC. Please PM me in-game or on the Tip.It Forums.
  • RuneScape Name: Sc
  • Tip.It Forum Name: @Allmonkey


Kicks, Bans and Screenshots



  • Chat Moderators will issue Warnings before kicking a user from the FC. They may leave it open-ended, or address it to a specific person by name. If another user is Warned for breaking a rule, or is asked to change topics, it is safe to assume that it applies to everyone in the chat (ie, if a user is told to stop talking about a certain subject, that doesn't mean you should start talking about it instead.)
  • When a Chat Moderator asks to "drop it" or says to "stop" these should be taken as if they were Warnings. They may not always literally say "You have been Warned."
  • Kicks from the FC last for a period of one (1) hour. Your kick may be "refreshed" to extend it for an additional hour each time if necessary.
  • Depending on the severity of your actions or rule-breaking, you may be Temporarily or Permanently banned from the FC. The decision to ban a user from the FC is up to the Chat Owner but involves input from all other moderators.
  • Temporary bans will last for a period of 1- to 2-weeks. During this period, all of your accounts will be considered banned. If you join the FC on an alternate account, you may be kicked from the FC.




    The ONLY time it would be appropriate to use an alternate account is if you have been banned for having an offensive RSN; if this is the case, you are more than welcome to use an alternative account with an appropriate RSN, until you are able to change the offensive name of your other account.

  • Permanent bans may be appealed by PM to the Chat Owner only. You will obviously not be able to PM me in-game, so please PM me on the Tip.It Forums: @Allmonkey. Please note that when deciding to lift a ban, I will be listening to input from all chat moderators, and as such, your appeal may be shared with them. If you are permanently banned, you will always be kicked if you are found to be using an alternate account.
  • Another user may not appeal your ban on your behalf.
  • If you feel you have been wrongfully kicked from the FC, or feel that you are repeatedly kicked for no reason, please PM me in-game or on these forums. It is especially helpful if you can provide screenshots of you being kicked from the FC, as well as screenshots of the prior discussion in the FC. I understand that not everyone has the ability to take/edit/upload screenshots, and I also understand that even if you have the ability to, you may not be prepared to take screenshots at the time it happens. For these reasons, screenshots are not required, but will help expedite the process.


The purpose of these rules is to help maintain a safe, fun and enjoyable environment for ALL users in the FC.


If you have any questions or concerns about these rules, or about the Friend Chat in general, please don't hesitate to PM me in-game or on these forums.

Thank You,


Sc / Allmonkey


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Greetings fellow adventurers,


Zeep aapje and Mellisa B have set up the "Quest4ever friendschat" to help adventurers like you when they are stuck on any quest. We are both very experienced adventurers and we would like to help you, totally free!


We give advice via chat, but you can also call us to come and help.

We have just started this friendschat so we are still looking for other quest advisors, so if you have/had a questcape, please contact us.


We can't wait to help you so see you soon adventurer!

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Hey, welcome to the Forums! :smile:


I've moved your thread to General Discussion and merged it with this thread, where it is better suited for you to advertise your new chat. I suggest you post on the RSOF, under the Recruitment - Questing & Minigame Clans board. Also, you can introduce yourself to the community here.


Good luck growing your community.

Working on max and completionist capes.


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Jagex Ain't allowing other questhelp fc's as they've got there Quest lounge, a Questhelp fc with so maney rules u can't help someone properly.

-no spoilers

-no glitches



So as someone would ask: "how to do nomad at dominon?" We can't answer properly as the easyeast way is to use his safelure-glitch

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